Twelve Apostles

The Great Ocean Road begins in Torquay, around 90 km southwest of Melbourne. The town of Torquay describes itself as Surf Capital of Australia because the waves burn here as well as in Hawaii. The Great Ocean Road (B 100) is considered the most beautiful coastal road in Australia and connects Torquay with Allansford near Warrnambool. There are many nature parks and beautiful beaches along the approximately 240 km long road. The road was started in 1918 as a job creation measure for returning veterans of the First World War.

The main attraction are the Twelve Apostles (12 apostles), a cliff with individual rocks that protrude from the water. The Twelve Apostles are located in Port Campbell National Park, about 200 kilometers west of Melbourne when using the A1 motorway. Erosion has created limestone cliffs and jagged bays up to 70 m high for thousands of years. The coastline is constantly changing and the Twelve Apostles have now shrunk to eight. There are secured viewpoints and stairs leading to the beach along the spectacular cliffs. West of Port Campbell you can still see the beautiful archways The Arch and London Bridge.

Port Campbell also has hotels, motels and other places to stay. GT


Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre


Pinguine auf Phillip Island

Phillip Island is around 120 km from the center of Melbourne and a bridge leads to the island. The main attraction of Phillip Island is the Penguin Parade. A colony of pygmy penguins waddles across the beach every evening at sunset to their nesting holes in the Spinifex grass. The penguins are an attraction that attracts many tourists. The beach section is even illuminated for the Penguin Parade, and the animals nonetheless go to their nesting sites to feed their chicks. Tours to the Penguine Parade are also available from Melbourne. Near the penguin parade is a wild stretch of coast called The Nobbies. Here you can hike along the coast and watch birds.

From May to October you can watch whales on the coast. Wildlife Coast Cruises offers trips along the coast. You can see the beautiful landscape and with a little luck you can also see seals, sea lions, dolphins and other sea animals. GT


Phillip Island


St Kilda Beach

St Kilda is a suburb of Melbourne, which is about 5 km south of the city center. If you don't have a car, tram lines will take you to the popular party place with wide sandy beaches and a Luna Park. On the beach there are lovely cafes and restaurants. In the main street "Acland Street" there are alternative shops and restaurants.  


St Kilda


Fitzroy Gardens

One of the most beautiful parks of Melbourne are the "Fitzroy Gardens". The main attraction of the park is the home of Captain James Cook's parents. The "Cooks' Cottage" was shipped in 1933 from England to Melbourne to find a new location in this park. North to the "Fitzroy Gardens" is the most interesting district of Melbourne called "Fitzroy". 

Carlton Gardens

The "Carlton Gardens" hosted the Melbourne International Exhibiton in 1880, and since then, there are several buildings in the garden, including the Royal Exhibiton Building and the Melbourne Museum. The garden is a prime example of Victorian gardening art and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its botanical importance. 

Yarra River

Melbourne is situated on the Yarra River, the river opens a few kilometers from the city center into the "Port Phillip Bay". The 240-km long river originates in the "Yarra Range" in the Australian Alps. On the banks of the Yarra there are the tennis courts of the Australian Open, the "Royal Botanical Gardens" and the "Queen Victoria Gardens". 

Melbourne Aquarium

In addition to fish and penguins the Melbourne Aquarium offers many attractions. If you have courage, you can swim with the sharks. The dangerous saltwater crocodiles can only be observed behind safety glass. You can also go for a "Glass Bottom Boat Tour".

Port Phillip Bay

The "Port Phillip Bay" is a 65 km wide and 60 km long bay, where the Yarra River flows into. The bay was discovered by the British in 1802 and named after the Governor of New South Wales "Arthur Phillip." The bay opens to the "Bass Strait" between Australia and the island of Tasmania. On the bay are many the beaches like "St Kilda" and others. 

Map Melbourne gardens & beaches


Travel Guide Melbourne

Beaches and Gardens in Melbourne

Melbourne is considered an Australian garden city. There are many beautiful green spaces, parks and gardens in the city. Melbourne is located in the very south of Australia and it is a bit cooler here than in the rest of the country. It also rains more often than in the national average. The climate can almost be compared to that of Europe. At Port Phillip Bay there are long sandy beaches that exude a holiday atmosphere in summer.