Melbourne Museum

The "Melbourne Museum" is a huge complex in the Carlton Gardens. There are exhibitions about Aborigines, Natural History and the History of Melbourne, as well as temporary exhibitions. The museum has a garden and a café. 

Immigration Museum

Australia is a country of immigrants. Almost the entire population of the continent immigrated within the last 200 years. The museum covers topics such as "Identity" and "Stories of immigrants". You can also find out when you ancestors came to australia. 

National Gallery of Victoria

The "National Gallery of Victoria" is the largest art museum in the state. The museum has a huge collection of over 68,000 artworks. Besides Australian artists, the museum also shows Asian art, international photography, multimedia, fashion and textiles, sculptures and native art. 

Hellenic Museum

The Hellenic Museum is since 2014 in the building of the Old Royal Mint. The museum is dedicated to the history, culture and art of Greece. By collaborating with Greek museums, the museum can present great exhibitions.    

Old Treasury Building

The Old Treasury Building houses a museum dedicated to various topics of Melbourne's history. In the former gold warehouse, there is an exhibition about the gold rush in Victoria.    

Polly Woodside

Polly Woodside is a historic ship located in South Wharf, it is part of the "Melbourne Maritime Museum". The ship was built for "William Woodside" from Glasgow at Belfast in 1885.


South Wharf


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Museums in Melbourne

As the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne also has a lot of great museums. Anyone interested in art should visit the National Gallery of Victoria. Anyone interested in the country, people and history of Melbourne will discover interesting exhibitions in the Melbourne Museum.