General Motors Building

Designed by Albert Kahn, the 67 m high building served  as headquarter of General Motors between 1923-2001. Today used as office tower by the City Administration and renamed Cadillac Building, after the french founder of Detroit.  


Grand Blvd./Cass Ave.


GM Renaissance Center

The new headquarters of General Motors were built directly at the Detroit Riverfront. The complex of architect John Portman consists of seven high-rise buildings opend in 1977. The centre should initiate the Renaissance of Detroit.


Jefferson Ave.


Book Tower

The 144 m high Booktower built 1926 was the tallest building in Detroit until 1928. There are plans to refurbish the vacant office tower, but there are far too many empty old skyscrapers in Downtown Detroit.   


Washington Blvd.


The Guardian Building

The most beautiful Art Deco skyscraper in Detroit was built  for the Union Guardian Trust Company in 1929. The architect of the Guardian Building was Wirt Rowland. The building was honored as National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service


Grisworld St.


Cadillac Square

The "Cadillac Square" forms together with the "Campus Martius Park" a green island in the Central Business District of Detroit. The Fountain Bistro at the park is quite popular, because in the summer you can sit outside and relax. 


Cadillac Square


Spirit of Detroit

The sculpture Spirit of Detroit in front of the Municipal Center was built in 1958. The sculptor Marshall Fredricks created the artwork, which became the symbol of Detroit. The engraving behind the sculpture says:  "Now the Lord is that Spirit. And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty." Sometimes the sculpture is dressed in a local sports jersey. 


Woodward Ave./Jefferson Ave.


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Welcome to Detroit

Even if Detroit makes a neglected impression, the city is recovering and many designers and artists move into the deserted ruins. Detroit is a very interesting city, with many beautiful buildings.

There is the "Belle Isle" in the Detroit River, with one of the oldest aquariums in the USA or the "Raven Lounge", the most famous blues club in Detroit. 

Belle Isle

Raven Lounge