Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Las Vegas' most famous sight is an old billboard. The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign" welcomes the incoming motorists since 1959. The sighnpost was installed by Clark County, which Las Vegas belongs to. The Las Vegas Sign is one of the most popular instagram spots of Las Vegas. The signpost is in the very south of the strip, near the Mandalay Bay Hotel.


South Las Vegas Boulevard


The Strip

The Strip is the heart of Las Vegas Boulevard, were the most famous casinos and hotels are situated. The first casino on the Strip emerged in 1938. At night the Strip is an endless line of lights.


Las Vegas Boulevard


Luxor Las Vegas

The "Luxor Las Vegas Hotel & Casino" is a black pyramid of glass. At night a green laserbeam shines from its tip into the sky. In front of the 107 m high pyramid, stands a replica of the "Sphinx of Giza". The "Luxor" was opened in 1993.


3900 S Las Vegas Boulevard


Fashion Show Las Vegas

The Shoppingmall Fashion Show is one of the first buildings on the Strip without a Casino. The Fashion Show is the first sign of the transformation of the gambling Mecca into a shoppers paradise. The Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall tries to attract wealthy customers with elegant architecture.


3200 Las Vegas Boulevard


Fremont Street Experience

The old town of Las Vegas is covered by a sky of lights. Since 1995 the legendary casinos such as Golden Nugget and Golden Gate are unified under a glowing roof. The Fremont Street Experience has become one of the top attractions of Las Vegas.


Fremont Street


Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower with a hight of 350 m, is the highest lookout tower in Las Vegas. The views of the city and the surrounding mountainrange is breathtaking. The Stratosphere Tower opend in 1996. The building complex at the heard of Las Vegas, also offers a casino and a hotel.


2000 Las Vegas Boulevard


New York-New York

The Manhattan skyline adorns the "New York New York Hotel & Casino" in Las Vegas. In front of the New York skyline is a huge roller coaster. In the northern part of the casino complex is a foodcourt, with New York gastronomic specialties like sushi, pizza and burgers.


3790 S. Las Vegas Blvd.


The Venetian

The "Venetian" is a gigantic copy of Venice in Italy. The Campanile of San Marco and the Rialto Bridge welcome guests entering from "The Strip". Inside the shopping mall, you can walk under an artificial sky and ride in a gondola through an Venice like setting with canals. The exaggerated artificiality is the hallmark of Las Vegas, as Robert Venturi noted in his book "Learning from Las Vegas" in 1972. The "Venetian" was opened in 1999 and is a highlight on "The Strip".


3355 S Las Vegas Blvd.


Paris Las Vegas

Another theme hotel is the "Paris Las Vegas". As the name suggests, the sites of Paris have been reconstructed. In addition to a 164 m high copy of the "Eiffel Tower", you will find the Arc de Triomphe, the Opera, the Louvre and a Montgolfier balloon as an advertising medium. The Hotel & Casino "Paris Las Vegas" opened in 1999.


3655 S Las Vegas Blvd.


Wedding Chapel

Getting married in Las Vegas is easy, quick and cheap. There are many wedding chapels in town, most of which have a special theme. Elvis is always popular with "Viva Las Vegas". The Wedding Chapel in the photo is at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Bridger Street.


231 S Las Vegas Boulevard


Map of sights in Las Vegas


Las Vegas Guide

Welcome to Las Vegas

The desert city owes its ascent to the "Hoover Dam", which supplies the region with electricity and water. The Mafia, which built the first hotel & casinos also had a decisive influence on the development of the "gamblers paradise". This was made possible in 1931 by the legalization of gambling in Nevada. Another fortune for Las Vegas was the revolution in Cuba in 1953. Until then, the American mafia had invested a lot of money in Havana and wanted to make this city the center of the gambling industry. After the revolution in Cuba, the money was spend in Las Vegas. Now the city is on the way to shake off the "mafia image" and is about to become a family-friendly, shopping and entertainment metropolis.