Luke's Lobster

Luke's Lobster Roll is a New York classic. The Lobster sandwich looks like a hot dog but costs a whopping $ 18 (2019). This is an investment but the taste is delicious, the hole in the wallet is immediately forgotten. You will never forget the wonderful taste ever again. Luke's Lobster has more than 10 locations in New York City. We had our lobster under the Brooklyn Bridge. On the website of Luke's Lobster you will find more locations.


11 Water St, Brooklyn, NY


Katz's Delicatessen

The "Katz's" is a New York institution, dating back to 1888. It is one of the few remaining Jewish delicatessen stores in Manhattan. Here you can get the best pastrami sandwich in New York. In addition to the famous pastrami, there are many other Jewish specialties such as Babka, Knish and more. The interior is quite unspectacular, it looks like an old diner. But the Katz's is so famous, that you have to wait infront of the entrance to get a table. It is worth to wait, because the pastrami is really delicious and you always have to wait in front of good restaurants in New York.

The Katz's Delicatessen became world famous through the movie When Harry Met Sally. The scene when Sally (Meg Ryan) feigns an orgasm in the restaurant, is movie history. Since then, the Reuben Orgasm Sandwich is on the menu.


205 E Houston St, New York


Russ & Daughters

The fish shop Russ and Daughters is one of the last relics from the good old days. You draw a number and, after the waiting period, you will be served with all time in the world, no matter how full the shop is. Russ and Daughters continues the Jewish tradition that meat can not be sold with dairy products. Fish and dairy products are sold in appetizer stores, while meat is offered in delicatessen stores. At Russ and Daughters you will find mainly fish and cream cheese. Both together on a bagel is the bestseller of the shop. The famous Katz's Delicatessen is just one blocks away.


179 E Houston St, New York, NY


Butcher's Daughter

The Café Butcher's Daughter offers tasty, vegetarian breakfast creations that even meat eaters will love. Beautiful ambience and wonderful fruit juices are another feature of this location. We had the Mexican Breakfast Bowl (photo) and the Butcher's omelette. The Mexican breakfast was realy good. There are more Butcher's Daughters in Williamsburg and even in Venice Beach. In the evening there are pasta, pizza, burgers and salads on the menue.


19 Kenmare St, New York



The Barkogi is a small Korean restaurant in midtown Manhattan with bar. There are typical Korean specialties like bibimbap (photo) and a large variety of drinks. In summer you can sit outside and watch the life on the street. Inside, there is a long bar with TVs running Korean music videos. The food in the Barkogi tastes very good and the atmosphere is very relaxed.


957 2nd Ave, New York, NY


Hwa Yuan

In Chinatown there are countless restaurants, daily new restaurants open and others close. You can discover good restaurants when the queues in front of the entrance are long and the proportion of Asians is high. If you want to go out for fine dining, there are also elegant restaurants in Chinatown. One of the restaurants that has become famous is the Hwa Yuan. The restaurant is specialized in Sichuan cuisine but you can also order Beijing duck. The Gongbao Jiding (photo) tasted very good, the Beijing duck pancakes were a bit too thick. Hwa Yuan offers original Chinese cuisine with classic dishes.

The Hwa Yuan is a legend in Chinatown, among the stars that dined here were Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.


42 E Broadway, New York


Randolph Beer

In Williamsburg new trends are tested. How about if you could just tap the beer yourself. This is possible in Randoph's. You register your credit card and get a card with which you can tap beer. You put the card behind the tap and the beer drips into the glass. There is a scoreboard with all the beers, the prices and the number of the tap (in the photo on the left). It works really well and you can test the different beers without having to drink a whole glass. The glass can be cleaned by pressing on a rinse point. You might drink more then planed, because you can test out beers and it's fun. The food selection is sparse but the warm veggies in a bowl was very good. There are more locations of Randolph Beer in DUMBO and Nolita.


104 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY


New York Cheescake

The Cheescake is a New York specialty with strawberries on top. But the Cheescake is also available with other berries. The original New Yorker Cheescake rises on a ground of crumbled biscuits. The filling consists of cream cheese, creme fraiche with vanilla refined, sugar and eggs. You will find New York Style Cheescakes all over Manhattan and in the other boroughs, like at Martha's Country Bakery in Williamsburg.


263 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY


The Sugarburg is a very cozy cafe in Williamsburg just at metro station Metropolitan Avenue. The Sugarburg is the perfect place for a relaxed breakfast on a gray rainy day. The Mexican-inspired breakfast (photo) was very delicious. There are many tasty eggs on the morning menue. For lunch and dinner, the menu changes to sandwiches, burgers and salads. In the evening there is a large beer selection, then the café becomes a bar.


519 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY



A restaurant can barely seem more inconspicuous. In an area with a lot of potential, the "Roberta's" is in a house made of unpainted concrete blocks. Cool location with good food and summer garden. The pizza comes close to the original from Naples. Thin dough and good ingredients are the best recipe.


261 Moore St, Brooklyn


Fette Sau

The "fat pig" is a bit hidden, but still at a central location in Williamsburg. The Fette Sau is a barbeque restaurant that uses meat from small farms that do not use hormones and antibiotics. Pure grilled meats and good beer in a nice atmosphere.


354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn


Nathan's Famous

Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker opened his first hot dog stand on Coney Island in 1912. Since then, Nathan's has become the most famous hot dog in America. Nathan's products are sold throughout the country. In New York there are numerous branches and hot dog stalls. The traditional Coney Island location hosts hot dog competitions. The hot dog is a typical New York specialty and Nathan's is, according to self-promotion, the most famous hot dog in the world.


1310 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY


Enoteca Maria

Only "Nonnas" (grandmas) cook in this restaurant on Staten Island. Simple dishes from different countries of women who do not have a professional education as a chef, but are passionate about cooking. The small restaurant near the ferry to Manhattan is world famous. 


27 Hyatt St, Staten Island


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