Smithsonian Castle

The "Smithsonian Castle" was completed in 1855 and is today the "Visitor Center" of the Smithsonian Institute. The Institute was made possible by the Englishman Smithson, who gave a huge amount of money to the United States, although he has never been in the USA. Almost all museums in Washington are part of the "Smithsonian Institute".


1000 Jefferson Drive


National Museum of African American History and Culture

The NMAAHC is the first museum in the United States devoted exclusively to the history and culture of the African-American population. The museum deals with all aspects of the African Americans in the US. From the history of slavery to the civil rights movement until today. Among the most famous exhibits are leg restraints, African American fashion, the trumpet of Louis Armstrong, the Cadillac of Chuck Berry, a segregated train wagon, a slave shelter and many more. A very moving museum with excellent architecture.


1400 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC


National Gallery of Art

The "National Gallery of Art" has a wonderful collection of paintings. In a classicist temple you can discover paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Monet, Alexander Calder and many other famous artists. The library by IM Pei is an architectural landmark.


4th St./Constitution Ave


National Museum of the American Indian

The "National Museum of the American Indian" shows the arts, clothing and cult objects of the Indians of America. In addition to the various nativ tribes that were living in the USA, objects from Central America and South America are also part of the exhibition.


4th St./Independence Ave.


National Air and Space Museum

The "Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum" is one of the best of it's kind in the world, with aircrafts from all epochs of aviation history and famous spacevessels. In Chantilly VA near Dulles Airport, there is the "Udvar-Hazy Center" with more famous aircrafts.


601 Independence Ave.


National Museum of American History

The "Smithonian National Museum of American History" presents objects and drawings from the history of the USA. From the conquest of the "Wild West" to the "American Civil War" and the "First World War" to modern computing machines.


14th St./ Constitution Ave.


Hirshhorn Museum

The collector "Joseph Herman Hirshorn" bequethed one of the largest collections of modern art to his country in 1966. The "Smithonian" built this museum for the unique collection, which is continuously expanded.


7th St./Independence Ave.


Freer Sackler Museum of Asian Art

The "Freer Sackler Smithonian Museum of Asian Art" is the biggest museum of Asian art history in America. With over 10,000 objects from China alone, it also has one of the largest collections of Asian art outside Asia. The museum got incredible art treasures, absolutely worth a visit.


12th St./Jefferson Drive


National Museum of Natural History

The "National Museum of Natural History" is the most important natural history museum in the United States. Must sees are a mummified cat from Egypt and the famous "Hope diamond".


10th St./ Constitution Ave.



Holocaust Museum

The "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum" recalls the extermination of the Jews in Europe by the "Nazis" during the Second World War. About 6 million people were murdered in German concentration camps. The museum shows the history of the Holocaust. 


1000 Raol Wallenburg Place



German American Heritage Museum

Many German immigrants have shaped America and became important persons. The German American Heritage Museum shows the history of the most famous people of German descent. Albert Einstein, Wernher von Braun, Robert Oppenheimer, John Rockefeller, William Boeing, Eberhard Anheuser, Levi Strauss, Mies van der Rohe, Elvis Presley, Doris Day, Grace Kelly (her mother came from Germany) and many more. It is exciting to discover how many great Americans had German ancestors. The museum also deals with topics such as food in Germany and tourism.


719 6th St NW, Washington, DC


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Museums in Washington DC

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One of the attractions of the American capital Washington DC are the great museums, that surround the "National Mall" like a chain of pearls. The Smithonian Castle, the National Air and Space Museum and the National Gallery of Art, belong to the most famous museums of the United States.