Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

The Museum of Science and Technology of Sichuan Province, exudes socialist gloss not only from outside. The building is rather famous due to the Mao statue in front of the museum.


Tianfu Guangchang


Jinsha Relict Site Museum

From the outside the "Jinsha Relict Site Museum" looks like a stranded UFO. Inside a huge glass roof spanns over the archaeological site. The site was discovered during construction works. The village of "Jinsha" (Golden Sand), was the capital of the Shu Kingdom. Precious objects of gold, jade, ivory and bronze were discovered. "Jinsha" was built around 1200 before Christ. The Museum has a very beautiful exhibition concept and many interesting objects on display.

Tonghe Lu


Sichuan Museum Chengdu

Sichuan has always been one of the most densely populated regions of China. Countless relics have been found here. The "Sichuan Museum" counts over 300,000 exhibition pieces and is one of the biggest museums in China.


251 Huanhua Nan Lu, Qingyang Chengdu


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