Panda Breeding Center

One of the top attractions of Chengdu is the breeding center for giant pandas. The large, park-like grounds shows many pandas in large, natural enclosures. In the Breeding Center you will see tiny Baby Pandas brought up.


Xiongmao Da Jie


Renmin Gongyuan

The "Renmin Gongyuan" (peoples publicpark) is for Chengdu about as important as the Central Park is for New Yorkers. This is were the heart of the metropolis beats, here people relaxed in the teahouses at the lake. If you haven't been to the Renmin Gongyuan you have not been to Chengdu.


Citang Jie


Wuhou Citang

The Wuhou Ancestral Temple is next to the mausoleum for Emperor Liu Bei. The Wuhou Citang is also a very beautiful garden with lotus pond, bamboo Allee, teahouses, small shops and temples. There is a nice historic like shopping street (Zhangwu Jie) adjoining the Wuhou Citang. 


Wuhouci Da Jie


Dufu Caotang

The park in which is a replica of the straw hut of the famous poet Dufu, offers much more than this hut. Numerous buildings and various garden zones run through the extensive grounds and make the "Dufu Caotang" a main attraction of Chengdu.


Qinghua Lu 38


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