Amber Fort

Located 11 km north of Jaipur, the city of Amber has long been the capital of Rajasthan. "Amber Fort" was the royal seat of the Kachhawaha.  The fortress was built by Man Singh I in 1592. His successors transformed the fortress later on into a royal palace.



The Amber Fort is located on a hill, with steep ramps leading the way up. If you do not want to climb the hill, elephants can take you to the entrance of the palace.


Sun Gate

You will enter the fortress through the "Suraj Pol" (Sun Gate) to reach the "Jaleb Chowk" square. This is where the entrance of the Palace is located.


Ganesh Pol

The magnificent "Ganesh Pol" gate built in 1640, leads to the pleasure garden "Aram Bagh".


Sheesh Mahal

At "Sheesh Mahal" all walls are decorated with ornaments and small mirrors.


Man Singh Palace

The yellow "Baradari Pavilion" stands in the courtyard of the "Man Singh Palace".


Kesar Kyari Bagh

In front of the entrance to the Amber Fort, there are several beautiful gardens. The most famous is the Kesar Kyari Bagh, located in the middle of Maotha Lake.


Panna Meena ka Kund stepwell in Amber

Next to Amber Fort, there is a 16th century made stepwell, by the name of Panna Meena ka Kund. This kund (another name for stepwell) was once a popular get-together spot for locals and is a perfect place to visit the old city of Amer, Jaipur. (by Jatin Chhabra)


Panna Meena ka Kund


Map of Amber


Travel Guide Jaipur

The Amber Fort is one of the top attractions of India and should not be missed on a tour of Rajasthan. The impressive fortress with it's charming palace is one of the most beautiful places in India. 




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