Jerusalem Panorama view

From the 818 m high Mount of Olives you have the most beautiful view of the old city of Jerusalem. The Mount of Olives is about 80 m higher than the Temple Mount with the golden-shining Dome of the Rock and offers a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding area. In the foreground is the Jewish cemetery with an estimated 150,000 stone graves. Stones are placed on the graves as a sign of remembrance, as stones last long and the memory of the person does not die. In addition, the stones are collected by the bereaved in places that were of particular importance to the deceased. Smoking, eating and drinking is forbidden in the cemetery out of respect for the dead.

The ascent to the Mount of Olives (Mount Olive) can become very intense in high heat. The Mount of Olives can be reached by bus from Herodes Tor. You can also go by taxi to the Mount of Olives. Taxis from West Jerusalem do not cross the border into East Jerusalem because they are stoned there. Who lives in West Jerusalem should go to the border and rent a taxi there.


Rabaa al adwaya


Maria Magdalena Church

The Russian Orthodox Maria Magdalena Church was built in 1886 by Tsar Alexander III. donated. The church on the Mount of Olives has seven gilded onion domes. Mary Magdalene was the companion of Jesus. She came from Magdala on the Sea of Galilee, so she is also known as Mary Magdalene. Jesus liberated them according to the gospels of 7 demons, possibly the number of towers goes back to this episode. St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow has 8 towers. The Maria Magdalena church is located in a garden with old olive trees just north of Getsemani garden.


Church of Mary Magdalene


Tomb of Virgin Mary

Between the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount lies the Kidron Valley, here is the tomb of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. Archaeological evidence for this assumption does not exist, but there is no evidence that this assumption is false. About 6 m below street level is the small chapel made of natural stone, in which the bones of Mary are supposed to lie. Beside the Mariengrab there is also the treacherous grotto where Jesus was arrested.


Tomb of the Virgin


Church of all Nations

The Church of the Nations stands in the Garden of Gethsemane (Gethsemane) where Jesus was betrayed by Judas. In the garden of the oil press (Gat-Schmanim) are many old olive trees that are over 1,000 years old. With donations from many nations 1924 the church of the nations was established in the garden Gethsemane. The Italian architect Antonio Barluzzi designed a neo-Romanesque church with Corinthian capitals and a tympanum (gable) decorated with a golden mosaic depicting Jesus, many angels and his disciples.


Church of All Nations


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