Belvedere Garden

The baroque garden of the Belvedere was created around 1725 by Dominique Girard. Numerous wells and statues by Giovanni Stanetti make the gardens unique. Great views over Vienna.




Schlosspark Schönbrunn

The park of "Schönbrunn" castle is one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. The "Great Parterre" is on an axis with the "Gloriette" standing on the hill top. Richly decorated fountains, a maze and other attraction make the park a popular tourist destination. 





The "Donaupark" was created in 1964 for the Vienna International Garden Show. The park is located on a danube island, here is also the TV-tower "Donauturm". In the park you will find the "Iris Lake" and the "Papstwiese" (Pope meadow), where Pope "John Paul II" held a service in 1983. 





With a length of more than 2,800 km the "Danube" is thesecond longest river in Europe after the "Volga". Between Krems and Vienna, the river flows gently through forests and pastures. Just a few kilometers north of Vienna you can enjoy the nature along the large river.




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