Cafe Sacher

The "Hotel Sacher" invented the "Sacher torte" and crowds of tourists want to taste the original cake. This can lead to queues in front of the café. The other dishes on the menu are also very goody, especialy the soups are highly recommended.


Kärntner Straße 38



The "Demel" was founded in 1786 and was baker of the royal court. The coffee house has preserved the splendor of the monarchy, one feels just like in the times of the Austrian emperors. The "Demel" is one of the most traditional cafes in the country. It is famous for it's cakes, pastries and chocolates.


Kohlmarkt 14



The "Figlmüller" is the most famous restaurant for "Schnitzel". Next to the main house at Wollzeile (photo), there are two other restaurants of "Figlmüller" nearby also famous for Viennese dishes. The restaurant at Bäckerstraße 6 is a typical inn with a cozy atmosphere. The "Lugeck" is bright and modern furnished.


Wollzeile 5


Zum Schwarzen Kameel

The restaurant "Zum Schwarzen Kameel" has existed since 1618 and offers delicacies in a beautiful art nouveau ambience. The former spice store of Johan Baptist Cameel has developed into a Viennese institution. Delicacies, chocolates, wines, cakes and patisserie are sold in the shop. The ham is legendary.


Bognergasse 5


Restaurant Cafe Landtmann

The "Restaurant & Café Landtmann" right next to the "Burgtheater" supplies many Viennese coffee houses with cakes from the own pastry shop. The "Landtmann" was founded in 1873, but immediately became the best café in Vienna. In the "Café Landtmann" there are excellent cakes, Mehlspeisen (flour dishes) and lunch menus.


Universitätsring 4


Cafe Schwarzenberg

In the "Café Schwarzenberg" you can eat and drink while listening to live music from Thursday to Sunday. The "Schwarzenberg" is a very tipical Viennese coffee house. The architect Josef Hoffmann was a regular guest. The coffee is FAITRADE and organic, the daily changing menu also offers warm dishes.


Kärntner Ring 17



In one of the oldest buildings of the city is one of the most famous restaurants in Vienna. Almost all Austrian celebrities have dined in the "Greebeisl". The restaurant offers 9 different rooms and a "Schanigarten" (small beergarden). The rustic atmosphere in the medieval house and the delicious food make the visit to the "Greebeisl" so special. 


Fleischmarkt 11



The "s'Müllerbeisl" is famous for its Wiener Schnitzel. The restaurant is down to earth and offers Viennese specialties at moderate prices. The restaurant has a large basement room, a guest room on the ground floor and a small gallery. The kitchen is open daily from 11-23 clock. 


Seilerstätte 15


Cafe Central

In the "Palais Ferstel" is located on the corner of Herrengasse / Strauchgasse the "Café Central". The architect Ferstel had previously built the Votive Church and created with the Palais Ferstel a successful blend of Italian palazzo and medieval Gothic. The high, finely decorated vaults give the "Café Central" a stately atmosphere. The skill of the kitchen is in no way inferior. So it is not surprising that the "Cafe Central" is one of the city's most popular coffee houses.


Herrengasse 14


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Viennese coffee houses

There are countless cafés in Vienna that celebrate coffee and cakes. That coffee came to the Vienna after the siege of the Turks in 1683 is a fairy tale. The first coffee house in Vienna was opened in 1685, which is very close to the time of the Turkish siege. However, the coffee had already come to Europe by sea. There were coffee houses in Venice, London, Paris, Bremen and other cities. Therefore, the French word "café" was adopted in the German language. In Vienna there were many coffee houses that tried to outdo each other. This led to high quality and established Vienna's reputation as a city of famous cafes and cakes.