National Football Museum

The futuristic building by Ian Simpson Architects was originally built for an exhibition hall about urban development. The museum was called "Urbis" and was opened in 2002. The visitor numbers were too low and so the museum had to close in 2010. Since 2011, the "National Football Museum" is located here. With Manchester United and Manchester City the football-loving city has two top clubs in the "Premier League".


Cathedral Gardens, Manchester


Museum of Science and Technology

Industrialization began in Manchester, where steam engines were used for the first time. Mechanical looms produced mass-produced fabrics and the world's first railway line joined Manchester with Liverpool. These machines are exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology. Steam engines, locomotives and looms are the core of the exhibition. The museum also houses the first railway station. The great thing about this great museum is that the machines still work and are activated at certain times. You should inform yourself at the entrance when which machines are started. Especially the demonstration of the spinning machines and looms should not be missed. More about the industrial revolution under history Manchester.


Liverpool Road


Manchester Art Gallery

The Manchester Art Gallery is located in the center of the city and houses three different collections. On the one hand the excellent art collection with paintings and sculptures and on the other the arts and crafts and design. Third, there is a "Gallery of Costume" with fabrics and dresses from 1600 until today. Since Manchester has become rich through the production of fabrics, this collection is very important to the city.


Mosley Street


Imperial War Museum

The "Imperial War Museum" has several locations, the "Manchester War Museum" is specialized on war history since the World War I. The main focus of the collection is the "Battle of Britain" and the Second World War. The building with the striking aluminum façade was designed by Daniel Libeskind Architects.


Trafford Wharf Rd


Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum is located on the university campus on Oxford Road. If you think Manchester City is about Manchester, it's not a city history museum. The museum brings together very different collections under one roof. There are collections on the topics: Egyptian Art, Archeology, Vivarium (Reptiles), Earth Sciences, Archery, Plants, Animals and Coins. Admission is free.


Oxford Road


Whitworth Museum

The Whitworth Museum is also located directly at the University in Whitworth Park. The art museum has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, prints, textiles (we are finally in Manchester) and contemporary art. Unlike other museums, there is no permanent exhibition. The artworks of the collection will be put together again and again in the Whitworth Museum. The building was completed in 1908 and expanded in 1968 and 1995.


Oxford Road


Map of museums in Manchester


Museums in Manchester

Museums in Manchester

Football is a religion in both cities. Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Manchester City and Everton FC are well-known clubs from the region throughout Europe. No wonder the "National Football Museum" was built in Manchester.