Villa Borghese

The princely family of "Borghese" from Siena, built their residence on the estate in 1541. The most beautiful part of the park known as "Villa Borghese" is the "Giardino del Lago" with a pond and the "Tempio di Esculapio" at the Lakefront. 

Vatican Gardens

The "Vatican Gardens" cover about half of the 0.44 square kilometers of the Vatican State. The area used to be a monastery garden before it was transformed into a recreation garden around 1485.  


Giardini Vaticani


Fiume Tevere

According to the legend, Romulus and Remus floated in a basket on the Tiber river and landed here to found the city of Rome. The approximately 400 km long river flows into the sea at Ostia and supplied the capital via Portus Romae with goods from the entire Roman Empire.  

Cloister of San Giovanni in Laterano

San Giovanni in Laterano is one of the most important churches of Rome and still has a medieval cloister with twin columns. Even if the green space is very small, it is a nice oasis of peace in the italian capital. 


Porta San Giovanni


Villa d'Este

 "Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este" the governor of Tivoli, started to built his garden in 1560. In order to realize his ideas, the site was completely redesigned. The architects Pirro Ligorio and Alberto Galvani created this masterpiece of landscape architecture. 

Villa Aldobrandini

Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini received the land from his uncle, Pope Clemens VIII. The architects della Porta, Maderno and Fontana turned the site into a Baroque garden with many fountains. 



Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati


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Gardens and Parks in Rome

The center of Rome is densely built, here are only a few green spaces. But just behind the city center you will find beautiful gardens and parks. Among the best known are the "Vatican Gardens" and the "Villa d'Este" in Tivoli. The most beautiful city park in Rome is the garden of the "Villa Borghese".