Museo Regional de Guadalajara

The "Museo Regional de Guadalajara" shows a variety of art and history of the Jalisco region. The "Museo Regional de Guadalajara"  is located in a historic city palace with a green courtyard.


Av. Hidalgo/Liceo


Museo de las Artes

The "Museo de las Artes" is the art museum of the "Universidad de Guadalajara". The museum is located in a beautiful building on the university campus.


Avenida Juárez 975


Museo de la Ciudad

The "Museo de la Ciudad" is the historical Museum of the city of Guadalajara. The museum with the yellow patio explains the urban and demographic development of Guadalajara.


Calle Independencia 684


Ex-Convento del Carmen

The "Ex-Convento del Carmen" is an exhibition hall devoted to arts, photography and dance. The former monastery is the perfect location for inspiring arts.


Av. Juarez 638


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