Faro del Comercio

The name of the red Steele means "Lighthouse of Commerce". The Faro del Comercio was built for the 100 th anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce of Monterrey. The 70 m high monument has become a hallmark of the city. 





Catedral Metropolitana

The Cathedral of Monterrey has a long history. Construction started in 1635, the baroque church was completed in 1770. The higher of the two bell towers was added 1899.


Calle General Juan Zuazua


Fuente de la Vida

The fountain of the Spanish sculptor Luis Sanguino is also called "Fuente de Neptuno". The official name of the fountain is "Gran Fuente de la Vida". The bronze sculpture built in 1984, symbolizes the struggle of Monterrey, to ensure sufficient water supply.


Calle Padre Mier Ote


Teatro de la Ciudad

The theater of the city of Monterrey is a multifunctional cultural building of the state of Nuevo León. It was designed by Óscar Bulnes Valero, an architect from Monterrey. The "Teatro de la Ciudad de Monterrey" was opened in 1983.


Calle General Juan Zuazua



The pedestrian zone of Calle Morelos is the largest shopping street in the city. It is not a beautiful street, but it is very a very fusy street under palm trees. At the beginning of the street stands a sculpture of the famous freedom fighter Jose Maria Morelos.


Prol José María Morelos


Parque Fundidora

The old factory ground of the "Fundidora" steelworks from 1900, was transformed in 1988 into an urban leisure park. Some of the factory buildings have been preserved and stand like monuments in the park.


Av. Francisco I. Madero



Map sights Monterrey Mexico


Monterrey Mexico

Welcome to Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is the third largest city in Mexico with about 1.1 million inhabitants. Unlike Mexico City and Guadalajara, the city of Monterrey is not situated on a plateau, the center is just 530 meters above sea level. Monterrey is approximately 300 km away from the Gulf of Mexico and approximately 150 km from the US border. The distance to Mexico City is approximately 700 km.