Pasaje Comercial

The shopping mall "Pasaje Comercial" in the block of the town hall runs directly to the fountain in the middle of the main square "Zocalo". The passage is also called "Pasaje del Ayuntamiento". As early as 1542 a passage was built here.  

Palacio Municipal

The City Council of Puebla was opened in 1906. English architect "Charles Hall" designed the building were parts of the second town hall have been integrated into the new building. Since 1987, the "Palacio Municipal de Puebla" is a World Heritage Site. 

Av. 5 de Mayo

The pedestrian zone "Calle 5 de Mayo" is the main shopping street of Puebla. From here you can reach Av. 6 to the market hall. The cast-iron market "Mercado La Victoria" from 1910, has beautiful art nouveau glass works in the central dome. 


The construction of the country's second largest cathedral, after Mexico City, was started in 1575. The Renaissance church was inaugurated in 1649. The two towers were completed in 1768, they are the tallest bell towers in Mexico. Interesting is the dome cladded with azulejos tiles. 

Nuestra Senora de los Remedios

The church towers visible from afar, on the temple pyramid of ancient mexican cultures. The church was destroyed several times by earthquakes and rebuilt each time. 

Great Pyramid of Cholula

The great Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl was built around 500 AD. and was constantly expanded over the centuries. The "Great Pyramid of Cholula" is known as the biggest Pyramid in the world. Parts of the original temple were reconstructed at the foot of the pyramid. 

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