Museo Ampara

The "Museo Ampara" has two collections, one is "Pre-Columbian Art", with beautiful finds from the acient cultures of Central America and art and crafts from the Spanish colonial period. A very nice museum with interesting exhibitions.


Calle 2 Sur/Av. 9 Oriente


San Pedro Museo del Arte

The Museum "San Pedro Museo del Arte" was established in 2002 in a former hospital. The museum is also known as "Museo Poblano de Arte Virreinal". The museum has a large covered courtyard and has paintings from the Spanish colonial period of Zandejas, de Talavera, Barrueco and others in its collection.

Calle 4 Norte/Av 2 Oriente


Museo Casa del Alfeñique

"Alfeñiques" are sugar cakes made of protein, almonds and lots of sugar. The ornate house is reminiscent of this sugar baker's style. The museum has nothing to do with "Alfeñiques". The Regional Museum "Museo Casa del Alfeñique" displays 16th century paintings and garments, historically decorated rooms and artisans from the Puebla region.


Av. 4 Oriente/Calle 6 Norte


Museo Universitario

The Museum of the University of Puebla is located in a baroque house of a rich landowner. Figures on the facade, gave the house the name "Casa de los Muñecos" (dollhouse). The museum, with three courtyards, shows historical, scientific equipment from the university's collection.


Calle 2 Norte


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