Museo Metropolitano de la Ciudad de Monterrey

The "Museo Metropolitano de la Ciudad de Monterrey" is located in a historic building. The construction began in 1653, however the building was finaly completed in 1887. It previously served as the town hall "Antiguo Palacio Municipal". Now the museum of Monterrey is in the building.


Plaza Hidalgo


Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

The very beautiful "Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey" (MARCO) was built in 1991 by the Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta from Mexico City. The museum shows interesting exhibitions of contemporary art.


Calle General Juan Zuazua


Museo del Palacio de Gobierno

The "Museo del Palacio" is located in the "Palacio de Gobierno", at the end of the central axis. Nearby are the "Museo de Historia Mexicana" and the "Museo del Nordeste". All three museums are together the "3 museos". The other two museums are on Calle Diego de Montemayor.


5 de Mayo


Centro de las Artes/Pinacoteca

The "Parque Fundidora" is one of the top sights of Monterrey. On the site of the former steelworks, there are some factory buildings left, that are now used as museum or for other cultural purposes.


Parque Fundidora


Map Museums in Monterrey


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