Eldorado Canyon State Park

Denver is located directly on the Rocky Mountains, in the western suburbs you can start hiking. In Eldorado Springs, sheer cliffs soar into the sky, only cut by a small stream. The rocks are often used by free climbers as a practice course. A very beautiful hiking trail along the stream leads up through forests and mountains. Black bears and mountain lions come close to the houses. Anyone who meets a bear should make themselves tall, stretch their arms upwards and slowly walk backwards without turning their backs on the bear. We had also seen a little black bear that was eating berries peacefully without feeling bothered by us. Eldorado Canyon State Park is about 30 km west of Denver.


Eldorado Springs



Barker Reservoir

From Boulder you reach the "Barker Reservoir" in Nederland via Boulder Canyon Drive. The 3 km long reservoir was built in 1910, on the property of the Barker family and is one of the few lakes near Denver. 


Nederland, Colorado


Dillon Reservoir

The "Dillon Lake" at Frisco is located in the "Rocky Mountains" about 100 km from Denver in western direction. The lake is a popular recreation area and is suitable for sailing, hiking and cycling.


Frisco, Colorado



Boulder City Center

The city of Boulder is located approximately 40 km to the northwest of Denver, on the rim of the Rocky Mountains. The university town has a beautiful city center, with pedestrian zone and is a good destination for mountain hikes.


Perl Street Boulder, Colorado



National Center for Atmospheric Research

The "National Center for Atmospheric Research" was founded in 1960. The building was designed by famous architect I.M. Pei who also built the "Louvre" in Paris. The institute presents an interesting exhibition on the atmosphere.


NCAR Road, Boulder



Central City

The small town of "Central City" is located about 50 km to the west of Denver. Central City is charming because it still looks like an old "western town" from the times of the "Gold Rush" in the Rocky Mountains.


Pine Street, Central City



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