Portland Art Museum

The "Portland Art Museum" offers a wide selection of beautiful paintings. Especialy the collection of Asian art from Japan, China and Korea is worth a visit. The focus of the collection is on "American Art" from the north-west.


1219 SW Park Ave. 



Oregon Historical Society

As the name suggests, the "Historical Society of Oregon" cares about the history of Oregon. Temporary exhibitions on historical events and developments show the history of the west coast.


1200 SW Park Avenue



World Forestry Center Museum

The "World Forestry Center" was founded in 1966. The nonprofit organization promotes the understanding of forests and deals with sustainable forestry. The exhibition shows the importance of forests for humanity.


SW Knights Blvd.



Fort Vancouver

The Fort Vancouver was erected by the British in 1845 to demonstrate the claims of ownership in the American Northwest. In 1846, the border between the USA and Canada was set at the 49 latitude and Fort Vancouver became part of the USA.

612 East Reserve Street, Vancouver City



Oregon Trail Center

The settlement of the "Wild West" took place around 1850 with teks of covered wagons. The treks of the pioneers traveled across the Rocky Mountains to Oregon. The Oregon Trail Center shows this episode of American history.  


1726 Washington Street, Oregon City



Map of Museums Portland


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Museums in Portland

Since it often rains in Portland, you can plan a visit to the museum to make good use of a rain break. With the "Portland Art Museum" and the "Oregon Historical Society", the two most important museums are directly opposite. The "Fort Vancouver" in the northern suburb of Vancouver City is also worth a visit. The Oregon Trail Center is located in the southern suburb of Oregon City.