Experience Music Project

The EMP is an experimental music museum, with a Hall of Fame, Sound Lab and many temporary exhibitions on the subject of music. Frank O. Gehry designed the stunning structure clad in curved metal, the architect from Santa Monica became world famous with the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The Experience Music Project is right next to Seattle's landmark, the Space Needle.


325 5th Avenue N, Seattle



Seattle Art Museum Downtown

The Seattle Art Museum has a great collection of art works from the United States, Native American art, European, Asian, African, Oceanic, and Islamic art. Outside the museum stands the "Hammering Man" by Jonathan Borowsky.


1300 First Avenue



Pacific Science Center

The "Pacific Science Center" has a permanent exhibition with topics like health, environment and science of planet earth, physics, engineering and science of life. There are aswell interesting contemporary exhibitions.


200 Second Ave. N



Seattle Asian Art Museum

The "Seattle Asian Art Museum" in Volunteer Park has exceptional works of art from China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries in it's collection. Some objects are over 3000 years old. The museum belongs to the "Seattle Art Museum".


1400 East Prospect Street



Museum of Flight

Seattle is the seat of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, the "Museum of Flight" is therefore at the right place. It has collected many kinds of aircrafts and items related to the history of aviation. In addition to more than 175 aircrafts you can also take a look at the "Red Barn", where the history of Boeing began.


9404 East Marginal Way S



Bellevue Arts Museum

In the suburb of Bellevue, the new art museum was opened in 2001. The red building by Steven Holl became the hallmark of Bellevue. The museum organizes some very good exhibitions, mainly of contemporary art.


510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue



Washington State History Museum

The "Washington State History Museum" in Tacoma presents the history of the American Northwest through people, who tell their story. In addition, the museum shows temporary exhibitions on specific topics from the region.


1911 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma



Tacoma Museum of Glass

Directly opposite the history museum, there is the "Tacoma Museum of Glass". The glass museum shows works of glass and explains how glass is made. You can even watch as glass is blown at the "Hot Shop".


1801 Dock St., Tacoma



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