Temple of the Azure Cloud

In the West Mountains, north of the Fragrant Hills, you will find the Temple of the Azure Cloud "Biyun Si". The temple complex built in 1331, was expanded in 1748 to built the Vajrasana Pagoda. Vajrayana is a Sanskrit word that means diamond vehicle and is used by many Buddhist schools. The architecture of the pagoda is also a reminiscent of Indian models and is very rare in China. The pedestal of the pagodas are richly decorated with Buddha and Bodhisattva figures.


Biyun Si


Great Wall of China

The construction of the Great Wall started around 700 BC. The bulwark against nomads from Mongolia, consists of many sections, together they are the longest building in the world. The chinese "Great Wall" is one of the top sights of the planet.


Chang Cheng Badaling


Ming Tombs

Emperor Yongle, who made Beijing the capital of China, established this place as a tomb of the Ming Dynasty. Similar to Nanjing, an avenue of large guardian figures was erected in the north of the new capital, to protect the graves of the 13 Ming Emperors.


Ming Shisanling, Changping


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