Summer Palace

The construction of the Yihe Yuan (Summer Palace) was started in 1750. As a model of the West Lake in Hangzhou Park served. Man rearing the park is easily accessible from Beigongmen subway station. 

Suzhou Street

The "Suzhou Jie" should give the Empress and the court servants the illusion of going shopping in Suzhou. Suzhou is a beautiful city with many canals and famous for silk. Even today you can buy goods from Suzhou in those shops. 

Wanshou Shan

From the Hall of Pines, a long stair leads up to the top of Wanshou Mountain. You will pass by glazed bricks with ridge turrets and a stupa of the Lama temple. From the top you can see the nearby Western Mountains.  

Wanshou Shan

From the "Mountain of longevity" (Wanshou Shan) one can see southwards on the waters of "Kunming lake". To the east you can see the city of Beijing and to the west the "Xi Shan" Mountains. 

Mirror Bridge

At the "Hou Hu" lake, north of the "Marble Boat", there is a beautiful arch bridge called "Mirror Bridge", which forms a circle in the reflection. 

Map Summer Palace


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