Xie Qu Yuan

The "Garden of harmony and pleasure" (Xie Qu Yuan) is a garden on the grounds of the "Summer palace". The garden was built in 1754 and is a replica of a garden of Wuxi, close to Suzhou. The garden radiates an incredible peace, especially when the willow trees swinging gently in the wind.


Yihe Yuan


Beihai Park

The "Beihai Park"  is the most beautiful garden in the center of Beijing. Interesting is the White Pagoda on Jade Island, the "Temple of Eternal Peace" and the famous "Nine Dragon Wall" which is situated across the lake. There is a Ferry service to reach the places along the lake shore. There are even more attractions to be discovered in the beautiful park.


Beihai Gongyuan


Temple of Heaven Park

The "Temple of Heaven" is situated in a park with many old trees. The "Tiantan Gongyuan" offers something very rare in Beijing, a forest-like green space. If you want to escape from the heat of the city, without having to go to the mountains, here you will find a shady place.


Tiantan Gongyuan


Qian Hai

North of the "Beihai" Lake there are three other lakes, the Xi Hai, Hou Hai and Qian Hai. On the banks of the Qian Hai there are numerous restaurants and in the summer the terraces of cafes and bars are well visited. At Hou Hai it is more quiet, there are luxurious courtyard houses for the rich.

Qian Hai


Residence of Prince Gong

The residence of Prince Gong Gong Wang Fu is an extensive property, it is located west between the two lakes in the north of downtown Hou Hai and Qian Hai. The various buildings of the Gong Prince are connected with gardens and ponds. A theater also belongs to the complex. The residence was built between 1750 and 1850. The residence of Prince Gong is a very fine example of the combination of architecture and garden art in China.


Gong Wang Fu, Liuyin Jie


Daguan Gongyuan

The "Garden of the great view" is a beautiful garden in the classic north chinese style. The entire park is crossed by waters and stone formations, with pavilions, halls and covered corridors.


Youanmen Xiejie


Fragrant Hills

The "Fragrant Hills" (Xiang Shan) are situated in the Western Mountains (Xi Shan). The park offers many attractions. In addition to an imperial residence, you will find Buddhist temples, pagodas, pavilions and the studio of the quiet heart "Xin Jian" (photo). The "Temple of Azure Cloud" is quite close to the northern exit.


Xiangshan Gongyuan


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