Lodi Garden

The Lodi Garden is a very beautiful park in New Delhi. There are several imposing Tomb's in the park. The most famous is the Lodi Tomb in the northern part of the garden. In the middle of the park you will find the Shish Gumbad and the Bara Gumbad, where other members of the Lodi dynasty were buried.


Lodhi Road


Hamayun Garden

One of the most beautiful gardens of Delhi is the park of Hamayun's tomb. The garden consists of 9 square fields, Humayun's Tomb is situated right in the middle. The fields are linked by paths and small canals that lead to water basins. The clear symmetry of the space, creates a very calm athmoshere.


Lodhi/ Mathura Rd.


Jantar Mantar Park

The historic observatory Jantar Mantar is located in a small park. Anyone visiting the place can also take some time for the lush world of flowers around the observatory. You can discover large hibiscus flowers in the park.


Sansad Marg


Bahai Temple Park

The gleaming white Bahai temple is located in a large park. Visitors will passes through the garden, before entering the temple. The park has many beautiful trees. At the Lotus Road, behind the Temple, there is an other garden with a great view of the lotusflower shaped temple.


Lotus Road



The Rajpath is the central axis of the capital New Delhi. The approximately 300 m wide strip of lawns and trees is often used by locals and visitors as a green area. On hot days, you can sit here in the shade and relax from the noisy city.




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