Hummus Abu Hassan

The small restaurant in Jafo specializes in hummus and is known throughout Israel. This is probably the best hummus in the country. The hummus of Abu Hassan is very creamy, refined with olive oil and oriental spices. It comes with fluffy flatbread. One serving is enough for 2 people. Hummus is an oriental specialty made from cooked and then pureed chickpeas. The word "hummus" is Arabic and means chickpeas. The restaurant "Abu Hassan" is also known as "Ali Caravan".


Ha-Dolfin St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Dr Shakshuka

Jafo is the Arabic heart of Tel Aviv, this is where you can find the famous restaurant "Dr Shakshuka". Shakhuka is the Israeli national dish and eaten for breakfast. Shakshuka is cooked in a pan made of poached eggs and a tomato, chili and onion sauce. In the restaurant "Dr Shakshuka" one sits on a square and can choose between different varieties of shakshuka. On the photo, the variant with meat (shawarma) is shown. For the shakshuka you get fresh white bread that you dunk into the sauce. The "Dr Shakshuka" is often packed especially on Saturdays, when the Jaffa Market takes place just around the corner. But the kitchen produces one shakshuka after another, so you do not have to wait for a long time. The dish is very oily and therefore quite unusual for breakfast. But the atmosphere and the food is very special and you should give it a try.


Beit Eshel St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo


The Container

The restaurant "The Container" is situated directly at the harbor basin of Jafo. The restaurant is located in an old warehouse, which looks run down from the outside. The "The Container" is a fine fish restaurant with great food. It is now one of the most popular restaurants in Jafo. If you want to come for dinner you should reserve a table. "The Container" is very busy in the evenings because the bar, which was built from an old container, attracts the party crowd of Tel Aviv with delicious cocktails.


Namal Yaffo


Abu Ghosh

The restaurant "Abu Ghosh" is located in the immediate vicinity of the famous Dizengoff Square. The "Abu Ghosh" is a small oriental restaurant with chairs on the street. Here you can enjoy simple dishes such as falafel, hummus, salads and other Arabic specialties for little money. Everything is fresh and delicious. My girlfriend thinks the hummus tastes even better than that of Abu Hassan. The "Abu Ghosh" is a good restaurant for lunch on Dizengoff street.


Dizengoff St 85, Tel Aviv-Yafo



The restaurant Mashya was named after the mace, the chef Yossi Shitrit refined the local cuisine with this spice. In Tel Aviv the Mashya is known for its special creations and convinces with elegantly designed rooms and friendly staff. From the guest room with planted side wall and skylight, you can see directly into the busy kitchen. We were a group and ordered many different dishes, all of which were very special seasoned. We had a great time with delicious food.


5 Mendeli Street



The Benedict is the city's best-known breakfast restaurant, it's mentioned in almost every travel guide. The restaurant is at a prime location, right on Rothschild Boulevard at the corner of Allenby. There is a terrace on the street and a large interior. At the weekend it is often crowded and you have to wait a bit to get a table. The food is very good and the portions are generous. Most of the guests come from abroad.


Rothschild Boulevard 29



The Landwer is a bistro with small dishes, salads, breakfast menu, coffee and cake. Ideal for a short break or a light lunch. The chicken shawarma (photo) with cumin, root vegetables and freekeh was delicious. The Landwer is located right in the heart of Tel Aviv, on the King George St. at the corner of Ben Tsiyon Boulevard and offers plenty of space to sit outside.


King George 46



The Okinawa Sushi Restaurant has been set up on the hip Shabazi Street in Neve Tzedek. There are two long counters, one at the bar, the other one towards the street. For groups, this arrangement is unsuitable but ideal for two. The sushi looks great and tastes good. The Okinawa is very urban, you can watch the people strolling along the Shabazi in the evening.


Shabazi 46


Arte Italian Ice Cream

In Hebrew ice cream is called "Glida". The "Glidaria Arte Italian" is an Italian ice cream parlor. The Ice Cream Parlor is located in the pedestrian area of Nahalat Binyamin Street, very close to the famous HaCarmel Market. The small "Glidaria" is beautifully decorated and offers many wonderful ice cream creations.


Nahalat Binyamin St 11, Tel Aviv-Yafo


The Bun

The restaurant "The Bun" makes Asian fusion cuisine with Vietnamese-Chinese and Thai influences. Signature Food is the "Bun". A soft roll that is filled with different ingredients like a hamburger. We had fried fish with a spicy sauce. In "The Bun" you can also order Asian dishes like noodles and soups. The restaurant is located in the hip center of Tel Aviv, on a side street off Allenby Road.


Hillel HaZaken 18, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Café Noir

The Café Noir is typical for Tel Aviv and one has the feeling that the restaurant exists since the founding of the city. In fact, the bistro was opened in 1997. But it combines elegant Bauhaus architecture with the pleasant charm of a Viennese coffee house. Therefore it is not surprising that the "Café Noir" is famous for its great schnitzel. The chicken schnitzel (photo) is very popular in Tel Aviv. The "Café Noir" offers German and Italian cuisine at a very high level.


Ahad Ha'Am St 43, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Kitchen Market

The former harbor area of Namal Tel Aviv has become a popular nightlife district. Here you will also find the restaurant "Kitchen Market" on the upper floor of the "Farmers Market". The modern gourmet restaurant combines great culinary art with design and well-trained staff. It is a great pleasure to dine in this restaurant. The fancy creations of the chef are not only delicious, they are also elegantly presented. Quality has its price, therefore the "kitchen market" is a little bit more expensive.


Hangar 12, Nemal Tel Aviv


Map restaurants in Tel Aviv


Restaurant Guide Tel Aviv

Specialties in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is located in Israel and therefore has traditional Arabic and Jewish specialties. Since the immigration of European Jews after the Second World War, German and Eastern European dishes are also found on the menu. Typical foods are Falafel, Shawarma, Hummus and Shakshuka.


What is kosher?

According to the Jewish Torah Bible, only kosher foods are allowed to be eaten. Kosher animals include domesticated animals and fish. Predators and seafood that do not have scales and fins are not allowed. This means that mussels, shrimps, squids and the like are prohibited. Reptiles, horses, pigs, camels, dogs, cats, rabbits and insects are also prohibited. Blood is considered the seat of the soul and must not be eaten. Animals are slaughtered so that as little blood as possible remains in the meat, the rest is washed out. Another law is the separation of meat and dairy products, both must not be eaten at the same time. For this reason, large restaurants have a meat and dairy kitchen with their own cutlery and separate kitchen areas.

What is kosher is not always interpreted in the same way, there are several bodies that set the rules for their religious community. There are certificates issued by these institutions at restaurants.

The reason for kosher food is on the one hand health and on the other hand it is also about the soul, which is harmed by not eating kosher food.