Scheveningen Beach

The seaside resort of "Scheveningen" is one of the most beautiful of it's kind on the Dutch coast. Among the attractions is the magnificent spa house and the pier that extends far into the sea. The wide, endless beach offers enough space for everyone even in summer time. 

Japanese Garden The Hague

"Clingendael Park" is home to the oldest "Japanese Garden" in the Netherlands. The charming garden was created by Baroness van Brienen. The garden is only open from late April to early June and mid to late October. Opening hours 2020: 5.1-6.14 and 10.10.-10.25


Clingendael Park, Den Haag


Clingendael Park

Clingendael Park is a large city park between The Hague and the suburb of Wassenaar. A French baroque garden was created in 1591 on the property of Philips Doublet. The park was transformed into an English landscape park later on. Main attractions are the "Huys Clingendael" and the "Japanese Garden".


Wassenaarse Weg, Den Haag


Scheveningse Bosjes

Between The Hague and Scheveningen there is a large park called "Scheveningse Bosjes". The park offers lakes and creeks, forests and meadows. Next to the "Scheveningse Bosjes" is the pretty "Westbroek Park". On cultivated lawns there are fields of flowers and bushes.    


Scheveningse Weg



"Kijkduin" is a very popular beach in The Hague. In contrast to Scheveningen the beach of "Kijkduin" not built up, but the beach also offers many nice bars to relax and enjoy the view on the ocean. On nice days in the summer, the beach of "Kijkduin" can be very crowded and parking lots are hard to find. 

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