Den Haag Centraal Station

The main station of The Hague was built in 1973 in the style of concrete brutalism and was rebuilt in 2016 by the Dutch architects of Benthem Crouwel. The office building has not changed but the hall of the terminus station has been completely redesigned. The result is a 22 m high glass hall with new shops and new entrances. Above the tracks is a bridge over which the tram crosses the station. This bridge is also under the glass roof. You can now easily switch from one transport system to another within the building. The roof consists of diamond-shaped modules held by tree-like supports. The side walls of the new station hall of "Den Haag Centraal" are made of glass.

Other buildings by Benthem Crouwel: 

Rotterdam Centraal, Stedelijk Museum


Den Haag Centraal Station


Kollhoff Towers The Hague

The two skyscrapers of Hans Kollhoff were completed in 2012. The German architecture firm won the competition for the new ministries in The Hague. Both towers are 146 meters high and have 36 storeys. The two towers stand on a pedestal of gray granite, which opens to the Turfmarkt and creates space for a small park. A glass entrance hall connects the two ministries. The Ministry of Interior is red brick and the Ministry of Justice is covered in light granite. The towers are also called "JuBi-Gebouw", Ju for Justitie and Bi for Binnenlandse. The green skyscraper on the right is called "De Kroon" and was designed by Rapp + Rapp architects. At 131 m, it is slightly smaller than the two towers by Kollhoff and was completed in 2011. 

Other buildings by Kollhoff:

Kollhoff Turm Berlin, Lindner Hotel Frankfurt


Turfmarkt 147


De Haagse Toren

The tower of "De Haagse Toren" is also known as "Het Strijkijzers". The 132 m high tower was opened in 2007. AAArchitects from The Hague designed the skyscraper. On a triangular plot the tower rises L-shaped in the sky. The two parts are connected in the middle by six floors. A panoramic lift connects the ground floor with the rooftop. Here, the "De Haagse Toren" offers a breathtaking view over The Hague to the North Sea and to Rotterdam. A photo of the view can be found on sights of The Hague.


Rijkswijkseplein 786


Tram tunnel

The Hague does not have a subway, but the tram runs in a tunnel under the main shopping street. The "Haagse Tramtunnel" was opened in 2004. The stations "Grote Markt" and "Spui" were designed by Rem Koolhaas. The platforms have a wooden surface, which is very unusual for a train station. The walls are made of concrete and were not covered up. Through large glass surfaces light shine into the tunnel. The project is also called "Het Souterrain". 

Other buildings by Ren Koolhaas (OMA):

Timmerhuis   De Rotterdam   Kunsthal   NL-Botschaft Berlin   Seattle Central Library   IIT Chicago


Grote Markt


Stadthuis Den Haag

The "Stadthuis Den Haag" is the town hall, the library and an exhibition center. The huge, white building by New York architect Richard Meier opened in 1995. The administration building is also known by the locals as the Ice Palace "IJspaleis". The central atrium is located between the 10- and 12-storey parts of the building. The library occupies the round edge at the main shopping street.  

Other buildings by Richard Meier:

Museum für angewandte Kunst   The Getty Center   Museo d'Art Contemporani


Spui 70


Ministries Complex The Hague

The office building of architect Jan Hoogstadt was built in 1992 and was remodeled in 2017 by Rem Koolhaas Office for Metropolitan Architecture. The 140 m long and 60 m high administration building had 4 large atriums. OMA removed one atrium and built a glass cube instead. In addition, the porch on the Turfmarkt was cut, so that a square with trees could be created. Inside the building, the vertival circulation has been completely redesigned.


Rijnstraat 8


De Bijenkorf

The department store "De Bijenkorf" is located on the corner of Grote Markstraat and Wagenstraat in the center of The Hague. The Expressionist department store was built by Piet Kramer in 1926. The architect Piet Kramer was part of the "Amsterdam School". In Amsterdam, he designed the building De Daagerad with his colleague Michel de Klerk. For more buildings of the Amsterdam School see >> Architecture Guide Amsterdam.


Wagenstraat 32


Nederlands Dance Theater

The "Nederlands Dance Theater" is considered to be one of the best in the world. Architect of the building was Rem Koolhaas of OMA in 1987. The building was demolished in 2017 and had to give way for a new building called "Cadanz". The building of Rem Koolhaas was no longer state of the art. We will keep it here for a while.




Map architecture in The Hague


Architecture in The Hague

Architecture Guide The Hague 

The Dutch administrative capital of The Hague has become a major office location. In recent years, some skyscrapers have been built, which now form a small skyline. Buildings by Rem Koolhaas, Hans Kollhoff and Richard Meier shape the city. The architecture guide of regiopia presents the most important buildings of modern architecture in The Hague. Historic buildings can be found under the heading Sights of The Hague