Archaeological Museum Frankfurt

The former Carmelite Church was expanded in 1989 by architect Josef Paul Kleihues and has since housed the Frankfurt Archäologisches Museum. The Archaeological Museum shows the prehistory and early history of the Frankfurt region and presents the most important finds from Frankfurt excavation sites. The combination of the medieval church and modern expansion, with a view of the cloister, creates large, bright spaces. The permanent exhibition shows finds from the region from the Stone Age to the Early Middle Ages.

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Karmelitergasse 1


Caricatura Museum

With the magazines "Pardon" and "Titanic", Frankfurt is the German capital of biting satire. The museum draws mainly from the collections of the former Pardon illustrators Traxler, Waechter, Bernstein, Gernhardt and Poth. The historical canvas house served as a cloth trade post from 1400 onward and his now home to the Caricatura Museum.

Weckmarkt 17


Deutsches Architektur Museum

The german architecture museum was created in 1984 with the house-in-house concept of O.M. Ungers. In addition to the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions and lectures are organized by the museum.  

Schaumainkai 43


Deutsches Filmmuseum

The "German Movie Museum" shows how the images learned to run and how a movie is produced today. The visitor can, dive into a fantasyland in a green screen. The permanent exhibition shows how a movie is cut and sound is added to create a mouvie. On the ground floor there is a cinema, where you can watch movies.

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Historisches Museum Frankfurt

The "Historical Museum of Frankfurt" was extended lately and has a now enough space to explain the historic development of the city. Don't miss the model of Frankfurt's old town, before it was destroyed in the war. 


Fahrtor 2



Jüdisches Museum

The Jewish Museum Frankfurt has two buildings. The Judengasse Museum on Börneplatz shows Jewish history before 1800 and the Rothschild Palais (photo) exhibits the period after 1800. An annex was added to the Rothschild Palais, which opened on October 21, 2020. The Judengasse Museum is located at Battonstrasse 47. The foundations of the old Judengasse can be seen here.


Untermainkai 14-15



In the former house  of the textile manufacturer Baron von Liebieg, the municipal sculpture collection found a new location. The "Liebieghaus Museum" also exhibits modern sculptures, in it's contemporary exhibitions. 


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Museum für Angewandte Kunst

The bright white "Museum Angewandte Kunst" was designed by the famous New York architect Richard Meier. The museum was renovated in 2016 and got a new concept. The museum shows design, crafts and art.


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Museum für Kommunikation

In its permanent exhibition, the "Museum of Communication" offers insights into the development of the dissemination of news from the different media. From the post coach to the Internet, all intermediate steps are shown.  

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Museum of Modern Art

The MMK has expanded ever since its opening in 1991. Meanwhile the museum has three locations in downtown Frankfurt. The latest branch the "MMK 3" is located in the skyscraper Taunusturm. 

Domstr. 10


Schirn Kunsthalle

The "Schirn" was a row of shops in the Old Town of Frankfurt. In 1986 the Shirn Exhibitonspace was built at the same place. The "Schirn" is famous for innovative exhibitions of contemporary art. 

Am Römerberg 6


Senckenberg Museum

The research institute "Senckenberg" is one of the most important institutions of its kind and operates this magnificent natural science museum in Frankfurt. Here you can explore the most beautiful dinosaur fossils in Germany. 

Senckenberganlage 25


Städel Museum

From the old masters to contemporary art, at the Städel Museum you will find works of all great artists. This is one of the best museums in the world.

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