The cotton mill "Baumwollspinnerei" was established in 1884 and produced until 1993. Thereafter artists and designers discovered the old factory for themselves. Today the "Baumwollspinnerei" is a cultural center of Leipzig with art galleries, theaters and studios. 


Spinnerei Straße 7


Museum der bildenden Künste

The "Museum of Fine Arts" was founded by rich publishers and merchants who donated their collections. They donated works by famous artists such as Monet, Beckmann, Nolde, Rauch, Kokoschka and Balkenhol, to name a few.


Katharinenstraße 10


Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst

The "Gallery for Contemporary Art" GfZK is a foundation that shows art created after 1945. The gallery is home to a Wilhelminian-style villa and a low-rise new building from 2004.


Karl Tauchnitz Str. 9-11


Stadtgeschichtliches Museum

The historic museum of Leipzig has two exhibitions: "From the Early Period to the People's Liberation" and "From Industrialization to the Present".


Markt 1


Kunsthalle Leipzig

The Kunsthalle offers an excellent collection of the "Leipzig school", founded in 1961 by Heisig, Mattheuer and Tübke. The Leipzig artists developed their own style of modern painting, which became famous in the GDR between 1970 and 1980.




Grassi Museum

The museum at Grassi houses three different museums, the Museum of Applied Art, the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Musical Instruments. The expressionist building of 1929 has very nice interiors.


Johannisplatz 5-11


Stasi Museum Leipzig

The Stasi Museum showing the operation and history of the GDR dictatorship in the former District Administration of the State Security. Here in the "Museum in der Runden Ecke" you can still smell the mustiness of GDR spies and authorities. 


Grimmaische Str. 6


Map of museums in Leipzig


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