Die Bemme

The "Bemme" is a richly decorated bread. The luxury version is almost a meal with roasts, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and a fried egg. This exemplar is taken from the "Barthels Hof" a famous restaurant in Leipzig.


Hainstraße 1



Leipziger Lerchen

A other specialty are the "Leipziger Lerchen", a small pastry made of shortpastry and marzipan. If you do not want to go to a restaurant, the "Café Corsoela" in the Brüderstraße is famous for their pastry.


Brüderstraße 6



Auerbachs Keller

The legendary "Auerbachs Keller" was first mentioned in 1438. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe studied in Leipzig and was a frequent guest in "Auerbachs Cellar". He made the place world famous with his "Faust". At the entrance you can see the statues of "Mephisto and Doctor Faustus" made by the sculptor Mathien Molitor. "Auerbachs Keller" is one of the top sights of Leipzig.





Coffe Baum

Coffee has a long tradition in Leipzig. As early as 1763 the Leipzig soldiers demanded regular coffee in the Seven Years' War of Prussia. They said: "We can not fight without coffee!" A very traditional coffee house is the "Coffe-Baum".


Kleine Fleischergasse 4



Die Versorger

The Café "Die Versorger" at the "Baumwollspinnerei" is a kind of cafeteria for artists and creative people on the former factory premises in Leipzig-Lindenau. The beautiful garden is a perfect place to enjoy the day.


Spinnereistraße 7




There are countless restaurants on the trendy Karl Liebknecht Straße. Those who want to get an overview will find a good restaurant guide in the city magazine Kreuzer Leipzig Day & Night. On the KarLi, as the street is popularly known, you will find alternative, left-wing bars and cafes. The restaurants are international and rather cheap, which particularly attracts students and young people.


Karl Liebknecht Straße




The "Stelzenhaus" is an old factory building which has been converted into a restaurant. The house stands on stilts (Stelzen) at the Karl-Heine Canal in Leipzig-Plagwitz. 


Weißenfelser Straße 65



Map of Restaurants in Leipzig


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