The "Schöneberger" is a popular pub on the Bergerstrasse. The dishes range from typical Frankfurt classics, such as the handkäs with music and Tafelspitz with green sauce to the popular "Flammkuchen". In the summer you can sit on the Bergerstrasse or relax in the beer garden in the courtyard. The Schöneberger is not a typical cider pub, here you can also find beer and hamburgers on the menu.


Berger Straße 237


Adolf Wagner

The "Wagner" is the most famous apple wine pub in Frankfurt. The restaurant that serves Frankfurt specialties is in every Japanese travel guide. The traditional restaurant was established in 1931. The "Wagner" is crowded every evening, those who come with a group, should make a reservation. 


Schweizer Straße 71



The "Kanonesteppel" is somewhat hidden in an inner courtyard in Sachsenhausen. The restaurant is regularly at the forefront of the restaurant compared of cider restaurants in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Tafelspitz and other Hessian dishes are highly recommended. The Kanonesteppel has a beautiful beer garden with large chestnuts. 


Textorstraße 20



In Sushiko, cold fish is elevated to a work of art. The Japanese restaurant on Schweizer Straße offers delicious sushi in an elegant atmosphere. The sushi circle was dismantled, but the quality of the rice balls with fish topping has not changed. There are also hot dishes, salads and sweet treats. Sushiko is one of the few sushi shops with tables outside. You rarely get a seat without a reservation. 


Schweizer Straße 61



The "Beergarden" Gerbermühle is located on the southern bank of the Main River. The large beer garden is always busy in the summer. The Gerbermühle is known for the best Green Sauce a Frankfurt speciality. Even Goethe often lingered to this wonderful place.


Gerbermühlstrasse 105



The Oosten is situated right on Main close to the ECB. Very nice location with a view on the Frankfurt skyline. The Oosten is the best place in Frankfurt for having breakfast or to enjoy the sunset. 


Mayfarthstrasse 4


Maxie Eisen

The "Maxie Eisen" is the first Pastrami Bar in Germany. Here you get the finely chopped brisket in a sandwich, soup, pulled pork, salads and other Jewish delicacies. In the evening, the stylish restaurant transforms into a trendy bar. Anyone who has lined up in front of Katz's in New York will appreciate the pastrami at Maxie Eisen. However, the diner in Frankfurt was named after a gangster from Chicago.


Münchner Strasse 18


Koh Samui

The Koh Samui is one of the best Thai restaurants in the city, because the herbs and spices taste just as fresh as in Thailand. The extensive menu offers a wide selection of authentic Thai cuisine. 


Große Friedberger Straße 32


San San

There are many Chinese restaurants in Frankfurt, the "San San" combines authentic Chinese dishes and style. For all those who know that Chinese food can also have class.


Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 7


Pak Choi

The "Pak Choi" restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisine from Northern China and Sichuan. Incredibly tasty dishes, no comparison to "normal" Chinese restaurants! If you like Beijing Duck you should order a few days ahead. There are Chinese classics like Gong Bao Ji Ding, Mapo Doufu or Sichuan Niurou and everything tastes like in China. The food is hot and spicy. If you eat slowly, the heat won't build up as quickly.


Elbestrasse 12



The Paparazzi offers fine Italian cuisine for reasonable prices. If you like Pizza, Pasta, Pesce, Carne, Insalata, Dolce or antipasti everything is delicious. The nice restaurant is often crowded, for dinner should make a reservation. 


Seckbacher Landstraße 48


Aroma Vegetarian & More

The "Aroma" is an oriental snack in the Nordend. The falafel is the best in town. There are also vegetarian dishes on the menu. Always fresh always delicious. 


Oeder Weg 80


Map Restaurants in Frankfurt


Restaurants Frankfurt

Frankfurt restaurant guide

Frankfurt is an international city, there are many cuisines from all over the world. There is a lot of competition and the Frankfurter has traveled a lot. The locals like original tast from all over the world. That means, you have to offer something special and cook authentically to survive in this city.

Even if Frankfurt is an expensive place for Germany, there are still many options to eat cheaply. In the Kleinmarkthalle there are many stalls offering inexpensive lunch. Even on the expensive "Freßgass" you can get good soups for little money. In the evenings, the cider restaurants offer large portions for moderate prices.