Nizza Garden

The "Nizza" (Nice) is a park on the northern river bank. The proximity to the Main river and the heat-storing quaysides, let palm trees and other Mediterranean plants grow like in Nice. The first palm trees were planted around 1875. 




Main River

The river Main is the leisure destination No. 1 in Frankfurt.  People walk or sit along the green river banks or bike to Aschaffenburg in Bavaria. Rowing and sailing clubs offer water sports on the river.


In 1868 a corporation was founded by Henry Siesmayer to bring the exotic plant collection of impoverished "Duke of Nassau" to Frankfurt. In 1871 the Palmengarten (Palm Garden) was opened. The palm house "Tropicarium", the cactus garden and the rhododendron garden are among the main attractions of the garden. 



Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden in Bethmann Park was opened in 1989. In the garden there is a sculpture of the "5 goats" from the twin city of Guangzhou. The garden is especially beautiful in fall and spring. The Garden is closed for construction until autumn 2019.





The Ostpark opened 1909 is the second-largest park in Frankfurt with more than 32 hectares. The lake Ostparkweiher is an old creek of the Main river. The large meadow in the park is used by the footballers and BBQ chiefs. The playground has been occupied by geese and their excrements contaminates the large grass area. Fences and hedges help little, the birds can fly. The pavilion from 1928, designed by architect Max Cetto was reconstructed at the pond in 2019. Max Cetto worked as an architect at the New Frankfurt with Ernst May and emigrated to Mexico in 1939. He was a founding member of CIAM. Photo: View over the Ostparkweiher with the European Central Bank in the background. 





Frankfurt's only vineyard is found on the 180 m high "Lohrberg". From the hill top you will have a beautiful view on the skyline of Frankfurt. In the Lohrberg-Schänke you can enjoy home-style specialties from the region.




Korean Garden Frankfurt

South Korea was the host country of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2005. On this occasion, the Asian country built this charming garden in the "Grüneburg Park" of Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Korean Garden consists of two wooden houses, connected by a stream and a pool. 

Licht- und Luftbad

The Licht- und Luftbad (light and air bath) is located on a narrow peninsula in the Main river and was opened in 1900 as a bathing area. The bath offers summer holiday feeling with trees, water, lawn and a small beach. The cafe has an interesting architecture see Architecture Frankfurt.  


Niederräder Ufer 10



The "Goetheturm" is a tower in the Frankfurt forest. The Goethe tower was erected in 1931 and is with 43.3 m the second highest wooden tower in Germany. Those who have climbed the 196 steps to the top of the tower can enjoy a great panorama over the Stadtwald, with a view of the Frankfurt skyline. At the foot of the Goetheturm is a playground and a beer garden. 

Frankfurt City Forrest

The "Frankfurter Stadtwald" is located on the southern city limits of Frankfurt and is with 35 km² the "green lung" of Frankfurt. In the Frankfurt City Forrest there is the lake Jacobiweiher, the beergarden Oberschweinstiege, the Commerzbank Arena and the Goetheturm. Photo: View from the Goetheturm over the Stadtwald with the Frankfurt Skyline in the background. 




Grüngürtel Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt decided in 1991 to protect 80 square kilometers of green space around the city. Part of this "green belt" is the orchards on the Berger Hang, in the east of the city. In spring the whole hillside is blooming and in autumn leaves of all colors make this place magnificent. 


Frankfurt, Bergen-Enkheim


Huth Park

The Huth Park was built between 1910 and 1913. In 1929, a pavilion was erected by Eugen Kaufmann, where the Café "Bergstation" has it's location since 2012. 

Schwanheimer Düne

The Schwanheimer dunes originated in the last ice age around 10.000 before Chr. By sand, which was blown from the river banks of the Main. The sensitive ecosystem, made from drought-tolerant silver grass and pines, can be explored on a wooden bridge.




Map of parks and nature in Frankfurt


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