Green Sauce

The "Grüne Soße" (green sauce) is a typical dish of Frankfurt, the sauce is made of 7 herbs. The green sauce is usually served with 4 half eggs and boiled potatoes. It is also served as side dish to "Tafelspitz", "Schnitzel" and fish. The "Green Sauce" is cold and a typical summer dish. 

hand cheese with music

The "Handkäs mit Musik" (hand cheese with music) is a raw milk cheese with less than 1% fat. It is called "hand cheese" because it was formerly shaped by hand. The hand cheese is put into vinegar, oil, salt and pepper, for a day which makes it soft. It is served with caraway, raw onions (music), butter and bread. Hand cheese is eaten only with a knife. 

Frankfurter Sausage

The "Frankfurter Würstchen" is a thin sausage of pork, which develops a fine aroma through a special smoking process. The similar Viennese sausage was also produced by a Frankfurt butcher who emigrated to Vienna. It is served with bread or potato salad and mustard.    

Frankfurt Tafelspitz

"Tafelspitz" is boiled oxen breast, which comes in several thin slices on the plate. As a side dish you can choose between fried potatoes (Bratkartoffeln), boiled potatoes (Salzkartoffeln), salad or green sauce (Grüne Soße). The "Tafelspitz" is one of the most popular dishes in Frankfurt, which is on the menu of almost all german restaurants in town.

Frankfurt rib

The "Frankfurt rib" is cured but not, as the "Kassler", smoked. The meat is cooked about 45 minutes, with a large sip of apple wine. The "Rippchen" is served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.



Apple wine or "Äppelwoi" is the Frankfurt national drink. You drink it from the "Gerippten", a diamond-shaped ribbed glass. Groups order a "Bembel", an apple wine pitcher for 4,8,10 or 12 glases of wine. You can drink it "pure" or "sour" with water added or "sweet" with lemonade. Only girls and children are allowed to order "sweet" (Süßgespritzt). Unlike the fruity sweet cider, the Frankfurt apple wine is a sour, a refreshing summer drink. 




The Haddekuche (hard cake) is a type of gingerbread made from wheat flour, sugar, butter, milk, cinnamon and spices. You can eat the cake with cider, mulled wine or just like that.


Frankfurter Kranz

The "Frankfurt Kranz" (Wreath) is a multi-layered buttercream cake. It consists of several layers of sponge cake, each with a layer of butter cream and jam. The ring cake is coated with butter cream and sprinkled with croquet. A cherry on each piece is used for decoration.



The "Bethmännchen" were first made by Mrs. Bethmann. They are made of marzipan dough, powdered sugar and rose water, glazed with egg yolk and decorated with three almond halves. The family had four sons, when one died, only three almond halves were used as ornamentation. The "Bethmännchen" are the most famous sweets of the Frankfurt Christmas market.



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