Landesmuseum Hannover

The State Museum of Lower Saxony is one of the largest museums in Hanover. The versatile museum shows paintings, archeology, ethnology, natural history and a coin cabinet. The very different collections are divided into three areas: nature - people - art. The Gold disc of Moordorf is particularly worth seeing. The museum building was cunstructed in 1902 by the architect Hubert Oswald Stier, who also designed Hanover's main train station. The State Museum is located at the Maschpark, the New Town Hall and the Sprengel Museum are nearby.


Willy-Brandt-Allee 5


Sprengel Museum

The "Sprengel Museum" is the most beautiful museum in Hannover. Modern art displayed in modern architecture creates incredibly spaces. The museum has been expanded and provides now even more space for Picasso, Beckmann, Nolde and other famous artist.




Museum Herrengarten

The castle destroyed in World War 2 was rebuilt in 2013. The museum is located in the two wing buildings of the former summer residence of the Welfen. The exhibition explains the history of  the Herrenhausen Gardens and the development from a private garden of the nobility to a garden of the citizens. 

Schloss Herrengarten


Historisches Museum

The Historical Museum of Hannover shows the development of the city in the last 750 years. From the small settlement to the modern city. In addition, the museum shows numerous contemporary exhibitions.


Am Hohen Ufer



The art association organizes temporary exhibitions of international contemporary art. The former swimmingpool of "Goseriede" has been converted into a remarkable exhibition space.


Goseriede 11


Museum August Kestner

The diplomat and art collector August Kestner brought many Egyptian and Roman objects into the stock of the museum, founded in 1889. The ancient and Egyptian collections are still the visitors' magnets of the museum.


Trammplatz 3



The municipal gallery KUBUS presents works by local artists who can apply for an exhibition. The gallery is also open to artists from the partner cities of Hanover.


Theodor-Lessing-Platz 2


Wilhelm Busch Museum

The "German Museum for Caricature and Drawings" resides in the "Georgenpalais" built in 1780. It was named after "Wilhelm Busch" who wrote the stories of "Max and Moritz". 




Map museums in Hannover


Hannover Germany

Museumscard Hannover

If you want to visit many museums or live in Hanover, the "Museum Card" can be a good choice. It costs 60 € (as of 2020) and is valid for 12 months for the museums:

- Historisches Museum Hannover

- Museum August Kestner

- Museum Schloss Herrenhausen

- Sprengel Museum Hannover

- Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum Hannover

- Wilhelm Busch – Deutsches Museum für Karikatur und Zeichenkunst

- Kestner Gesellschaft e.V.

- Kunstverein Hannover e.V. 

The "Museumscard Hannover" can be purchased in the museums mentioned above, at the tourist information on Ernst August Platz and in the New Town Hall.