Herrenhausen Garden

Duke Johann Friedrich was in 1665 built the Herrenhausen Castle and a pleasure garden. Under Duke Ernst August, the garden was redesigned to 1680 along the lines of Dutch baroque gardens.   

Herrenhäuser Straße




The "Berggarten" (mountain garden) belongs to the "Herrenhäuser Gärten" and has developed from a vegetable garden of the dukes to a botanical garden. The former rainforest house is now an aquarium. 

Herrenhäuser Straße




The count of Wallmoden-Gimborn turned the marsh into farming land and settled here around 1796. In 1843 the land was transformed into an English landscape park and named after Georg IV of Hannover.


Nienburger Straße




The "Leine" is a small river that emanates in Thuringia and flows shortly after Hannover into the river "Aller". The "Hohe Ufer" is a popular waterfront at the "Leine", with works of art from "Niki de Saint Phalle" and a flea market on Saturday. 


Leibniz Ufer



The "Eilenriede" is the 640 ha city forest of Hanover. The forest area, which was acquired in 1371, became a forest park, with clearings and watercourses. Sculptures like the deer of August Waterbeck from 1936 and other sculptures, make the "Eilenriede" a beautiful out door destination.  




Zoo Hannover

In this Zoo the animals are not kept behind bars. The Zoo has built a natural environment for the animals, with human features like temples, ships and houses of the country the animals came from. One of the best Zoo's in Germany.






The artificial Lake "Maschsee" was created in 1934 as a project of the NSDAP, to give jobs to unemployed workers. The 78-hectare lake is the most popular recreation area in the state capital of Hannover, with a beach and sailing schools.





The "Maschpark" was built around 1900 on the former citywall called "Friedrichswall" as the first public park in Hannover. This is also the place, where the New Town Hall Neues Rathaus was built. The pool, Magnolias and other plants enchant the many visitors of the park. 




Steinhuder Meer

About 30 km north of Hanover is the "Steinhuder Meer". A lake with 29 km2, which was created some 14,000 years ago after the last ice age. The lake is suitable for sailing and other water sports. The lake is named after the town of Steinhude, which lies directly on the bank of the lake. Except for the two villages Steinhude and Mardorf, the Steinhuder Meer is almost completely surrounded by meadows and forests. This makes it a nature park with a high recreational value for the region.





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