The "Albertinum" shows works of art from the german romantic period to the present. The collection is divided into new masters from "Caspar David Friedrich" to "Gerhard Richter" and a collection of sculptures.   

Gemäldegalerie Alter Meister

The "Gemäldegalerie Alter Meister" (Art Gallery of Old Masters) is located in the Zwinger. The Museum shows famous works by Raffael, Cranach, Vermeer, Dürer, Canaletto, Holbein, Rubens and the famous city views of Bellotto. 

Militärhistorisches Museum

The military museum of the "Bundeswehr" (German Army) attaches more importance to the emergence of violence and the political and cultural roots of conflicts than to the presentation of weapon technology. 

Verkehrsmuseum Johanneum

The "Verkehrsmuseum" (Museum of Transportation) shows railroads, automobiles, ships, aircrafts and trams. Main attraction is a 325 m² model railroad system with more than 140 vehicles.  

Deutsches Hygiene Museum

The "German Hygiene Museum" was initiated in 1912 by "Odol" manufacturer Karl August Lingner. The museum illustrates very vividly the human body and its functions. 


Lingnerplatz 1 


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