Riverbank Dresden

The broad riverbank of the Elbe to the opposite of the old town offers the most beautiful city panorama of Dresden. From Dresden-Neustadt you can take a walk to the "Palaisgarten" to the north and for the "Elbwiesen" to the south. 


The "Palaisgarten" is situated on the river Elbe, between "Augustusbrücke" and "Marienbrücke" in front of the Japanese Palais. The French baroque garden was built in 1715 by "Jakob Heinrich Graf von Flemming", a high Saxon official. 


The Elbe meadows between Johannstadt and Blasewitz were known by the new "Waldschlößchen Bridge", which was opened in 2013. Due to the construction of the bridge, the UNESCO deprived the "Elbe Valley" of the World Cultural Heritage title in 2009. 

Großer Garten

The "Volkspark Großer Garten" (Big Garden Park) is the largest park of Dresden with 147 hectares. The park in the style of an English landscape garden, has been layed out around a baroque palace.  

Zoo Dresden

The Zoological Garden of Dresden, is situated in the south of the park Großer Garten. The zoo is one of the oldest in Germany, founded in 1861. Visitors can watch more than 270 species. Tip: Check out the  feeding times of the Koalas on the website of the Zoo. 

The Elbe Valley

Even though the Elbe valley has lost it's UNESCO World Cultural Heritage title, the Elbe Valley, between Dresden and Bad Schandau, is still one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Germany.




Sächsische Schweiz

The Sandstone Mountains "Sächsische Schweiz" (Saxon Switzerland) were declared a National Park in 1990. The mountains are partly in the Czech Republic, here is also the highest peak, the "Hohe Schneeberg" (High Snowmountain) with 723 m.   


Sächsische Schweiz 



Map of Parks and Nature in Dresden


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