Madinat al-Zahara

A beautiful building awaits the visitors of the museum "Madinat al-Zahara". The architects of Nieto Sobejano have arranged the rooms around a large courtyard. The exhibition shows the history of the Caliphate of Cordoba.


Madinat al-Zahara


Museo Arqueologico de Cordoba

The exhibition presents the finest archaeological finds of the long history of Cordoba. The museum displays interesting objects from the Roman and Moorish era.


Plaza de Jerónimo Páez


Museo Bellas Artes Julio Romero de Torres

The Museum of Fine Arts of Cordoba has a large collection of paintings from the 17th century. Many works are painted by local artists. The museum houses works of art from all eras, the Department of Modern Art is quite small. The most famous work of the museum is the painting "La chiquita piconera" of Julio Romero de Torres from 1930.


Plaza del Potro 1-4


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Cordoba museums guide

There are some interesting museums in Cordoba. Do not miss the "Medinat al-Zahara" museum. It was designed by the Spanish architect Nieto Sobejano, who has built many beautiful museums. The Joanneum Museum in Graz was also designed by the Spaniards. The "Medinat al-Zahara" museum was voted European Museum of the Year in 2012.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was opened in 2013.


Centro de Arte Contemporáneo "C3A"