Museo de la Ciencias Principe Felipe

The "Museo de la Ciencias Principe Felipe" is a great science museum designed by Santiago Calatrava at the "Ciudad de Las Artes". Large machines and interesting experiments await the visitors.

Buildings by Calatrava:

Oculus New York   Chords Bridge Jerusalem


Ciudad de Las Artes y Las Ciencias


Museo de Bellas Artes San Pio V

The "Museo de Bellas Artes San Pio V" is located in an old convent from 1683. The Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1837 and is the most important art museum in Valencia. The museum displays mainly Spanish paintings with religious themes, but there are also works of Flemish and Italian artists.


Calle San Piu V


Museo d'historia de Valencia

The historical museum of the city of Valencia is located in an old water reservoir dating from 1850. The museum shows the history of Valencia from the Romans to the Moors until the present. Interesting is the time machine "Maquina del tiempo" indicating the urban development of the different eras.


Camí Vell de Xirivella



The abbreviation MuVIM stands for "Museu de la Illustració i la modernity". The museums permanent collection displays, the development of science from the Middle Ages to Enlightenment until the present day. The rooms are designed in a way that one feels in the respective period.


Guillén de Castro 8


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