Metropol Parasol

Berlin architect Jürgen Mayer H. won the international architectural competition for the redesign of the Plaza de la Encarnacion in 2004.


Plaza de la Encarnacion


Wooden Structure

2011 The extraordinary structure of steel and wood panels by Finnforest (MetsäWood) was completed in 2011. To protect the wood from the weather, it was coated with polyurethane. The structural planning was done by the London-based Engineers of Arup.


El Mirador

On the observation deck (El Mirador) there is a bar. Elevators in the basement will take you to the roof.


The viewing platform is located just a few meters above the surrounding buildings of the old town, you can overlook the entire city from here. The building is supported by six mushroom like pillars. The Spanish call the building "Setas de Sevilla", the mushrooms of Seville. All "mushrooms" are associated with the waffle-shaped wooden structure. 

On the roofscape of the Urban Parasol, there is a path that adapts to the different heights of the building. The routing is somewhat reminiscent of a roller coaster. 

In the pedestal is a small shopping center and an archaeological museum, called "Antiquarium de Sevilla". At night, the building is illuminated in blue, so the structure looks very different than during the day. More information can be found on the website:


Map Metropol Parasol


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