Kunsthaus Zürich

The "Kunsthaus Zürich" has a significant collection of Old Masters and Impressionists like Monet and Cézanne. The museum has also modernism with Chagall and Picasso up to contemporary photography.


Heimplatz 1



Swiss National Museum

The National Museum illuminates the history of Switzerland from its beginnings to the present. In addition, current themes of Swiss culture and identity will be presented in temporary exhibitions. The Swiss National Museum (Schweizer Landesmuseum) is located very close to Zurich's central station.


Museumsstr. 2



Museum Rietberg

The "Museum Rietberg" exhibits works from Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. The very beautifully presented collection shows objects rarely seen in Europe.


Gablerstr. 15



Museum Bellerive

The Museum Bellerive shows the Applied Arts collection of the Museum of Design. In the Museum Bellerive you will find the objects of glass, wood, ceramics, metal and textiles.


Höschgasse 3



Museum für Gestaltung

The Museum of Design has been collecting design objects, posters and graphics of great artistic value since 1875. In the Toni Area in the Pfingstweidstrasse, there is an additional show depot with temporary exhibitions.


Pfingstweidstrasse 96



Kunsthalle Zürich

The Art Gallery "Kunsthalle Zürich" is showing contemporary art in a former brewery building. At the "Löwenbräu-Areal", further gallery have been pop up and a center for contemporary art has been created.





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