The "Seefeldquai" is a park on the eastern shore of Lake Zürich, which extends parallel to the Bellerivestraße. The Seefeldquai begins at the quay bridge in the center and ends at the "Zürichhorn Park". There is also the lido "Tiefenbrunnen".  

Chinese Garden Zurich

The "Chinese Garden" was opened in 1994 and is a gift from the city of Kunming. The garden from the Chinese province of Yunnan belongs to the group of temple gardens and is therefore more important than private gardens. 


The "Platzspitz" is a small park, behind the Swiss National Museum, at the confluence of the Sihl into the Limmat. In the 1980's, the park was a meeting place for drug addicts. The park was remodeled in 1993 and is today a popular park in the city center of Zurich.  


"Lake Zurich" is about 28 km long and 3,8 km wide. The lake extends south of Zurichn up to Rapperswil. The deepest point is 136 m deep. "Lake Zurich" discharges through the river "Linth" (Limmat) in the center of Zurich. 


The Uetliberg is the local mountain of Zurich. The peak Uto Kulm is 869 m high. The mountain can be reached on foot or by train, which leaves from the central station. Once at the top, there is a magnificent view of Lake Zurich and the Alps. 



Botanical Garden Zurich

The Botanical Garden belongs to the University of Zurich and was founded in 1837. The Botanical Garden moved to its current location in the Weinegg Quartier in 1977. The greenhouses consist of three Plexiglas domes.





The "Rhinefall" in Neuhausen in the canton of Schaffhausen, is one of the largest waterfalls in Europe. With only 23 m the height rather small. But with a width of 150 m and an average of 370 cubic meters of water per second it is quite impressive. The "Rhinefall" is located about 35 km north of Zurich. 

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Gardens and Nature in Zurich

Zurich is at the point where Lake Zurich flows into the Limmat. The city is located on a river, by a lake and surrounded by mountains. As a result, Zurich has a very high leisure quality. There are other natural wonders to be seen in the area. The waterfalls at Schaffhausen are only 35 km from Zurich and Lake Constance is around 50 km northeast of the city.