Kamala Nehru Park

The smal Kamala Nehru Park is located on Malabar Hill. Once you have found an opening in the dense jungle, you will have a beautiful view over Chowpatty Beach and Mumbai.


BG Kher Road


Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach is the most beautiful place in Mumbai to relax. Even if the water quality is not suitable for swimming, yet the nice atmosphere on the beach is an argument for a visit.


Marine Drive


Pherozeshah-Mehta Garten

Very close to Kamala Nehru Park, there is the Pherozeshah-Mehta Garden. Also situated on the hill top, but with no view over Mumbai. But the Pherozeshah-Mehta Garten is larger and can score with vast grasslands and flower beds. 


Hanging Garden Path


Elephanta Island

The Elephanta Island is also called Gharapuri. When the Portuguese discovered the island, stone elephants stood on the shore and so the island was named Elephanta Island. On the green island there are gangs cheeky monkeys who steal water bottles and food. Boats for the island leave next to the Gateway of India. 


Elephanta Island


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