Jardin Botanico

The "Jardin Botanico" of Mexico City is located in the "Bosque de Chapultepec" between the "Lago Mayor" and the "Museo de Arte Moderno". The beautiful botanical garden shows many plant species from all parts of Mexico. There is another "Jardin Botanico", which is located at the university in Coyoaca (Metro Universidad).


Paseo de la Reforma


Bosque de Chapultepec

The "Bosque de Chapultepec" is one of the main attractions of Mexico City. Here you will find the "Museo Nacional de Antropologia" and the "Castel de Chapultepec". The "Bosque" is a mix of a park, fairground, forest, lake with colorful boats and museums. This is the place where the "Capitalinos" relax. The park is also very attractive for children.


Paseo de la Reforma


Alameda Central

The "Alameda Central" is a park bordering the historical center. Before the Spanish took over it was a market square of the Aztecs. In 1592 the Spaniards planted poplar trees (Spanish Alamo) on the square and turned it into a public park. This was the first park in Mexico and since then the word "Alameda" has been used in other cities around the country as a word for "park" or square with trees.


Avenida Juarez


Jardin del Centenario

In the center of "Coyoacan" you will find the "Jardin del Centenario". In the center of the park there is a fountain called "Fuente de Los Coyotes". The name Cojote comes from the Nahuatl word "Coyotl". The name of the district "Coyoacan" means "place of coyotes". Around the park there are many nice restaurants. The "Jardin Plaza Hidalgo" is cater-cornered.


Jardin del Centenario, Coyoacan



"Xochimilco" is really unique. In the southern part of Mexico City you can rent colorful boats with tables to navigate through a labyrinth of canals. The boats are mostly booked by families who organize an on board picnic. There are three large jetties Belem, Salitre and Caltongo. The market of "Xochimilco" is also worth a visit.


Canal de Circunvalacion, Xochimilco


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Nature and parks in Mexico City

Although Mexico City seems like a giant Moloch at the beginning, you soon discover that the city has many beautiful parks and gardens and almost all houses have a small garden. Even in the historical center there are many buildings that have a green inner courtyard (patio).