Au Crocodile

The restaurant "Au Crocodile" is still considered to be the best restaurant in Strasbourg, although Emile Jung sold the restaurant in 2010. The Crocodile received in 1989 under Chef Emile Jung 3 Michelin stars. This is the highest award, in France there are only about 25 restaurants with 3 stars. Currently the restaurant is rated with just one Michelin star. The "Au Crocodile" is still the top restaurant in Strasbourg and a favored place of the members of the European Parliament. 


10 Rue de l'Outre



In the "Parc de l'Orangerie" there is a beautiful old house called the "Buerehiesel". This is one of the best restaurants in Strasbourg. The dishes are artfully garnished, a very fine restaurant, for sophisticated tastes. 


4 Parc de l'Orangerie


Patisserie Christian

The "Patisserie Christian" offers a wide range of the finest pies, cakes and other delicacies. Small pieces of art created by Christian, that are almost too beautiful to eat. There are unusual chocolate creations, ice creams and sorbets. At the cathedral there is also a restaurant by "Christian". 


12 Rue de l'Outre


Chez Yvonne s'Burjerstuewel

The restaurant "s'Burjerstuewel" also bears the name "Chez Yvonne", which can contribute to confusion. The cozy restaurant offers good Alsatian cuisine at fair prices. At "Chez Yvonne" you can choose between various set menus.


10 Rue du Sanglier


Boulangerie Woerlé

One of the most famous bakeries of Strasbourg is the Boulangerie Woerlé. Like much else in Alsace, this bakery is a mixture of German and French influences. The recipes are more German, the artistic presentation rather French.


10 Rue de la Division Leclerc


Au Pont Saint Martin

The restaurant "Au Pont Saint Martin" is located directly at the river Ill to the opposite of "La Petite France". The restaurant has three guest rooms overlooking the river. The kitchen offers Alsatian specialties such as tarte flambée, sauerkraut, Bibeleskäs or Baeckeoffe.


15 Rue des Moulins


Zuem Strissel

"Zuem Strissel" (To the Ostrich) is a traditional restaurant in a medieval half-timbered house. If you book a table try to get seated on the 1st floor, the room is very nice and cozy. The "Coq au Riesling" (photo) was very good.


5 Place de la Grande Boucherie


Chez Mon Ex

The "Chez Mon Ex" is a very nice student cafe with colorful tiles on the wall. Very pleasant, friendly atmosphere north of the university. In the "Chez Mon Ex" you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks in a very relaxed place.


17 Boulevard de la Victoire


Le Rive Gauche

If you do not want to travel to Paris, you will find a typical Parisian café in Strasbourg called "Le Rive Gauche". At a small square in the mayor Kuss street, you can enjoy the French flair of Strasbourg. For breakfast there is baguette with butter and a cafe. It's so simple, but you can not copy that mood. Save the breakfast in the hotel and go to the "Rive Gauche".


1 Rue du Maire Kuss


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