Palais Rohan

There are three museums in the elegant "Palais Rohan". The "Musée des beaux arts" has a significant collection of European painting. The "Musée des arts decoratifs" showcases artisans and the "Musée archeologique" shows valuable excavations from 600,000 BC. until 800 AD.


2 Place du Chateau


Musée historique de la ville Strasbourg

The historical museum of the city gives an insight into the changing history of Strasbourg. From the medieval German town to the French city of today. Don't miss the great city model from 1727.


2 Rue du Vieux Marché aux Poissons


Musée de l'Œvre Notre Dame

The Museum of the Strasbourg Cathedral shows religious art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In the beautiful building from 1579 you will see sculptures, paintings, furniture and other objects. The highlight of the collection are the medieval glass windows.


3 Place du Château


Musée Alsacien

If you want to get to know Alsace life in the 16th century, you should visit the "Musée Alsacien". In the historical house the rooms were designed according to different historical periods. The collection shows everyday objects and costumes of the region.


23-25 Quai Saint-Nicolas


Musée Zoologique

The "Musée Zoologique" could be described as a natural science museum, but the museum actually shows only animals. The collection was started more than 200 years ago by Johann Hermann and is today one of the most important zoological collections in the world. The museum shows dug out animals, "dioramas" where animals are depicted in their natural inhabitat, skeletons and items preserved in alcohol.


29 Boulevard de la Victoire


Tomi Ungerer Museum

Jean-Thomas "Tomi" Ungerer was one of the most important graphic artists and children's books illustrator of our time. The illustrator from Strasbourg went to New York and designed posters and drew attention with critical cartoons. He became famous for his illustrations of children's books. He gave his private collection to the city of Strasbourg, which is exhibited  in the "Villa Greiner" since 2007.


2 Avenue de la Marseillaise


Musee de l'Art Moderne

The "MAMCS" Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art was opened in 1998. The collection of the museum begins around 1870 with Impressionism and shows the development of art from cubism to modernity. One of the main themes of the collection are the Strasbourg artists Hans Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber-Arp.


1 Place Hans-Jean-Arp


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