Between the town hall and the church of Saint Sebaldus, stands a small house from which smoke rises into the sky. In the "Bratwursthäusle", you can get the famous "Nuremberg Sausages", with different side dishes. In addition to the grilled sausages, there is only a small selection on the menu, but most people come because of the fine bratwurst and the refreshing beer.

Biergarten Kettensteg

The "Wirtshaus am Kettensteg" offers the most beautiful beer garden in the center of Nuremberg. One sits comfortably under large trees directly at the river Pegnitz. The menu includes regional specialties like the famous "Nuremberg Sausages". 


The "Essigbrätlein" looks quite unpretentious from the outside, but offers the finest gourmet cuisine inside. The team of the "Essigbrätlein" has high demands on the quality and appearance of the dishes and offer a selection of exquisite wines. In the shop you can buy the in-house gingerbread and cookbooks. 

Map of restaurants in Nuremberg


Nuremberg Germany