Nuremberg Gingerbread

The gingerbread "Lebkuchen" is a Nuremberg specialty. It is believed that the name came from "Leip" (unleavened bread + flat cake). The first written evidence of gingerbread in Nuremberg is documented in 1395. In the Middle Ages, Nuremberg was an important trading metropolis. Spices from distant places arrived here, giving the gingerbread its delicate taste. Through the Reichstag, many people from all over the country came to Nuremberg and made the Nuremberg gingerbread known throughout the Germany. Today, Nuremberg gingerbread is a protected designation of origin and may only be produced in the city of Nuremberg.

Gingerbread is eaten in Germany at Christmas time and can only be found on the shelves of supermarkets before the big festival. In Nuremberg, however, they are offered all year round. For this purpose, the manufacturers maintain specialist shops in the old town of Nuremberg.

There are three different types of gingerbread, natural - with icing and with chocolate. The Elisen gingerbreads are of the highest quality and contain at least 25% nuts and a maximum of 10% flour.

The best-known manufacturers of wafer gingerbread include Frauenholz, Lebkuchen-Schmidt and Haeberlein (Lambertz Group).



Nuremberg Sausages

Only fried sausages that are produced according to a defined recipe in the city of Nuremberg may be called Nuremberg Rostbratwurst. The sausages consist of about 95% pork, which is given its special taste by salt, sugar and spices such as marjoram.

Everywhere in the old town of Nuremberg you can find bratwurst stands that offer the Nuremberg specialty. You can get the sausage in the "Wäggla" (bread roll / crib) or on the plate with sauerkraut, potatoes or other side dishes.

The best-known sausage stands include the Bratwursthäusle, Zum Gulden Stern, Bratwurst-Röslein and Bratwurst-Glöcklein.



The Heilig-Geist-Spital is a historic building that is one of Nuremberg's sights. One of the most famous restaurants in Nuremberg is located in the medieval hospital above the Pegnitz river. The Heilig-Geist-Spital restaurant has an impressive dining room and offers a wide range of dishes from traditional Franconian cuisine. The menu consists mainly of fish and meat dishes. One of the most popular dishes in the Heilig-Geist-Spital is the knuckle (photo), in Germany called Haxe or Haxen.


Spitalgasse 16



Between the town hall and the church of Saint Sebaldus, stands a small house from which smoke rises into the sky. In the "Bratwursthäusle", you can get the famous "Nuremberg Sausages", with different side dishes. In addition to the grilled sausages, there is only a small selection on the menu, but most people come because of the fine bratwurst and the refreshing beer.


Rathausplatz 1


Biergarten Kettensteg

The "Wirtshaus am Kettensteg" offers the most beautiful beer garden in the center of Nuremberg. One sits comfortably under large trees directly at the river Pegnitz. The menu includes regional specialties like the famous "Nuremberg Sausages".


Maxplatz 35



The "Essigbrätlein" looks quite unpretentious from the outside, but offers the finest gourmet cuisine inside. The team of the "Essigbrätlein" has high demands on the quality and appearance of the dishes and offer a selection of exquisite wines. In the shop you can buy the in-house gingerbread and cookbooks.


Weinmarkt 3


Map of restaurants in Nuremberg


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