The "Kölsch" is a Cologne beer type, which is only brewed in the Cologne region. The fermented beer is filtered and therefore particularly clear. According to the "Kölsch convention" of the Cologne Brewery Association, the beer can only be served in the "Stange", the slim glass with 0.2 l content. The slim shape keeps the beer fresh. There are more than 20 different breweries, the most famous are Früh, Gaffel, Reissdorf, Sion, Gilden, Päffgen and Sünner.


Früh am Dom

The "Früh am Dom" is situated in several historic houses close to the cathedral and offers different restaurants within these houses. There is a beer garden, a Brauhauskeller, the Brauhaus and a somewhat more upscale restaurant called "Hof 18" on the first floor. The rstaurants offer regional food and typical German dishes. 


Am Hof 12



Stadtgarten Köln

The "Stadtgarten" is a park, with a beer garden of the same name. The "Stadtgarten" is a very popular beer garden, especially for public viewing events with the german national football team. The gastronomy offers dishes such as currywurst, tarte flambée or hamburgers, but you can also find salads and pastas on the menu.


Venloer Straße 40



Gilden im Zims

The house atthe famous Heumarkt has a long history. There was a building called "Minnefusshaus" in the 12th century. The house in late-Renaissance style, was built in 1563. It was known under the name "Zum Sankt Peter", until it was acquired by Hans Zims in 1920. The famous cyclist gave the house its present name. In World War II the house burnt down, but it was rebuilt shortly after the war.


Heumarkt 77



Biergarten am Aachener Weiher

On a sunny day the beer garden at the Aachener Weiher is the perfect place to relax. On the menu you can find a wide selection of small and large dishes from the pretzel to the Rumpsteak. 





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